back to article Japan firm offers mums-to-be 3D printed unborn infants

If your partner is up the duff, and you want to record the pregnancy for posterity, you could keep the ultrasound pictures and even get a cast made of your missus’ extended abdomen. Or, if you live in Japan, you can get a 3D printed foetus. For a mere ¥100,000 (£764), one Japanese company will squeeze your partner into a MRI …


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  1. nematoad Silver badge


    Excellent, I hope that this will help surgeons make better decisions before wielding the scalpel.

    I do wonder however how long it will be before the trolls and other litigious bastards dive in and try to prise some money out of a very innovative idea.

    1. Colin Miller

      in silico

      Surgeons already can do virtual operations using MRI data to help them plan the best way to do a tricky operation; no need to print a model.

  2. Pete the not so great

    Something extra to embarrass junior with

    when they bring home their first girl/boy friend

    1. mike2R
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      Re: Something extra to embarrass junior with

      That was my thought. Thank fuck they didn't have these around when I was a tadpole.

  3. ukgnome Silver badge
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    So now it is possible to to "print" babies I wonder how long until a whole sexy human is printed.

  4. miknik

    Good value

    An MRI scan costs about £800, so this is like buy the MRI, get a free print out.

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Good value

      Yeah that's pretty amazing - I'd love to have an MRI of myself in digital form just to look around!

      1. NomNomNom

        Re: Good value

        they wont let you in case you find the implants

  5. John Latham

    Don't come crying...

    ...when you give birth to Magneto.

  6. James Micallef Silver badge


    Cast of baby in embryo form vs cute baby picture?

    I can't see any market at all for this. Oh, wait..... Japan, you say? carry on, then!

  7. WeaselNo7


    God damnit! I was going to do this from 3D ultrasounds, but it turned out that GE ultrasound machines keep the model in a proprietary format.

    And yes, I did get some strange looks from people when I told them. "Really? wouldn't that freak people out?" "Yes, yes it would"

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


  9. Winkypop Silver badge
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    Hmmm, maybe I should...

    ...get my cancerous right kidney printed before it gets whipped out.

    Now that would make a talking point on the mantle piece.

    1. Aaron Em

      Re: Hmmm, maybe I should...

      If you're having it out anyway, why not just display it in a jar of formalin?

      1. Winkypop Silver badge
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        Re: Hmmm, maybe I should...


        Before AND after.

  10. KirstarK

    is exactly the same as having an ultrasound pic (sonagram for the peeps across the pond) or those new videoes.

    Is weird but I can see as a parent why you would want it.

    1. Ben Tasker Silver badge

      is exactly the same as having an ultrasound pic (sonagram for the peeps across the pond) or those new videoes.

      I'd say there's quite a dramatic difference between having a video or printed picture and having a 3d model of your baby personally, but YMMV.

      We were offered a 3D scan, but it was £100 so we decided we'd be quite happy with the ultrasound pic instead (especially as the sample 3D's scans were all lacking texture so looked quite scary)

  11. NomNomNom

    looks like the thing

  12. Zaphod.Beeblebrox

    Leave it to Japan

    ... to take the creepy factor to the next level.

  13. Steve Foster

    Dear Japan

    You missed a trick - how about combining this with "growing beef"...

  14. Alex C
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    This is actually pretty cool

    Though I can't imagine my pregnant missus putting up with an hour of a 1.5 teslar magnet turning over every few seconds. Or for that matter going for an hour without needing to pee. If they offered it here for the same price I'd go for it though.

    Back in the beginning of MRI in the UK(or NMR as it was called back then) I managed to contribute to the science in a way no-one really expected from the work experience lad. I'd got good and properly drunk the night before and when they offered to scan me (given the noise not a great idea for a person so hungover they could barely see) I went into the machine to the tones of Handel's requiem and much laughter on their part. I managed to sleep almost immediately and stayed stone still in the same place for the next 12 hours sleeping it off. Turns out they use body fat (of which I am amply supplied) to focus the machine (a process called shimming) and they spent that time refining the shimming programs and brought them forward by around 6-12 months, they were eager to explain as they tried to get me drunk afterwards...

    1. EddieD

      Re: This is actually pretty cool

      About 20 years ago, a friend doing a physics PhD at Heriot-Watt told me a wonderful story about an early NMR spectrometer, a research physicist, and a guaranteed anti-magnetic Rolex wristwatch.

      He did get a replacement, eventually.

      I can't help but wonder if Rolex have amended their guarantees slightly.

      1. Alex C

        Re: This is actually pretty cool

        It wouldn't surprise me - though I doubt they were expecting that level of magnet :-)

        There was a local bank near the Royal Brompton Heart and Lung hospital, that all of the NMR researchers used as it was very relaxed about letting them have new bank cards every so often. You only had to go near the machine with a wallet to wipe all the cards in it.. I think with chip and pin it might have less effect but then the machines were a pretty thorough way of ruining your night out.

        The other thing you could do on one machine that opened at both ends was to throw in a ferrous pen and watch as it flew in and out of the tube only to eventually hover in the middle. Good times...

  15. Khaptain Silver badge

    Whats next

    There is something completely unwholesome here. A human foetus is something that nature hides from us until it is time to make its appearance into the world: nature usually does things for its own good reasons.

    What possible relevance could having a plastic foetus have for anyone ? Will it get passed around at parties ? Imagine being handed one of these damned things and the mother saying "just look how cute Alison was when she was a foetus".

    So what's next.

    * Keeping little bottles of sperm in order to say , "one of these sperms made the rush forward with the one from which you were born".

    * Meet George the "Inflatible feotus".

    * Why not plastic gonadss ( oops the Yanks already have these - Truck Nuts I believe they call them).

  16. Colin Miller

    Doesn't the mum-to-be have any say in this? And people wonder why (some) women are put of working in the IT industries?

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