back to article Ten PlayStation 3 games you may have missed

While summer was a fairly dry time for games releases, this autumn has gone haywire in the build up to Christmas and as a result, it feels like more titles are being handed out than knighthoods. As usual, we've sifted through the good and the bad to compile a list of any worthy ones you may have missed. While the following ten …


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  1. MJI Silver badge

    A mix

    I am still working through my 2011 backlog.

    I expect more young people with access to PS3s will know of Stephen Fry as the voice of LBP rather than Harry Potter audios.

    One big advantage of LBPK and PSASBR over the Nintendo offerings are the characters, Sackboy is a brilliant little mascot, and for fighting games, well who would not want to try Kratos.

    I am not a figting game fan but the chance to pit Drake vs Cole Ratchet & Clank vs Jak & Daxster, or Kratos vs Sackboy well who would not fall for that.

    BTW I am fed up of Move hate, Table Tennis was excellent in Sports Champions and of course it works better than DS3 in Killzone 3.

    1. Citizen Kaned

      Re: A mix

      kz3 and the move and sharpshooter rifle was a blast. best FPS fun on a console :)

      pity the servers went for couple of months not too long after the game was released. never picked it back up after that. still need to finish the single player too!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Whatever any PS3 owner does this year...

    ...I highly recommend Okami HD, whether or not you played the original PS2 version. Its brilliant with or without the Move support, it looks awesome and it's one of the best PS2 games that ever came out.

    1. PaulR79

      Re: Whatever any PS3 owner does this year...

      When I saw this was getting the HD treatment I was very happy as I'd missed out on the original on my PS2. Unfortunately my PS3 has lost all ability to communicate with all networks and with it being a PSN downloadable I'm going to be missing out. I'm loathed to pay for a new console just to download a few games and some DLC I'm missing.

      1. JaimieV

        Re: Whatever any PS3 owner does this year...

        There's some vague possibility it'll come out on disk at some point - the PSN store game identifies itself as "Okami HD - Download Version" once installed. The implication is there, but whether that'll come to pass is another matter.

        Sorry to say that it's absolutely ace. I bought my first PS2 (rather late!) in to play the original, and this remaster is definitely better. It's better than the Wii version too - although I liked the brushwork most on the Wii, the other controls were pants.

    2. Greg J Preece

      Re: Whatever any PS3 owner does this year...

      Another vote for Okami HD. The PS2 version was great and the HD remaster only improves thinga. One of the finest, most original and imaginitive games I've ever played. Blows the Zelda games away.

      In answer to the box speculation, I believe it came out boxed in Japan.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    DLC; making cheap games expensive

    I think the main problem with some games is the massive amount of DLC. And also in such a way that it seems as if you're going to have to buy into this sooner of later if you really want to enjoy all merits of the game, depending on the game of course.

    But I've also been looking at Tokyo Jungle for a while but then noticed the /huge/ amount of extra's available. Needless to say but that gives me a totally different impression of said game; I can't help wonder how long gameplay can really last without purchasing any DLC.

    1. Sinical

      Re: DLC; making cheap games expensive

      Most of the DLC I've seen is short cut packs, stuff that's available in game although it takes a fair amount of effort to unlock it. Not that that is a problem - Tokyo Jungle really is a cracking game. I suspect it may leave some people cold but if the scenario interests you in the first place, I suspect you'll enjoy it.

      Every review I've read has pointed out there's plenty of originality in the story and setting, but I've found there's lots of familiar things about it too. It's like someone remade Final Fight after a traumatic head injury. It's a nice balance as it means there's no steep learning curve but you still get that odd and original experience. It certainly isn't just another green/brown modern FPS, that's for sure.

  4. David Given


    I thought I'd like Okami, as on paper it's precisely the kind of game I enjoy --- right now I'm replaying _Wind Waker_, for example --- but found it a severe disappointment.

    This was on the Wii, so it's entirely possible that this is all just a platform quirk, but I found it very unreliable at detecting gestures. There's one 'minigame' where you have to draw Blossom spells (a circle) over flowers on a tree. About 1/5 of the time it was read as Sun instead (also a circle). There are about 40 of the damn things you have to do, you have to get them all right, and if you get one wrong you restart from the beginning. You can't skip it and you can't even cancel to let you give up and go and do something else instead. It took me hours. Not fun.

    Then there's the way it handles savepoints. I'm used to Zelda games, which are pretty forgiving when it comes to death, simply placing you back at the beginning of the current sequence (usually a room) with a health penalty. Okami has old-school death. You die, you reload at the last savepoint. This means that when doing anything tricky --- boss fights, platforming over bottomless pits, etc --- you can easily lose a big chunk of your game time.

    They don't even put the savepoints anywhere useful: at one point in the early game there's a five-minute unskippable cutscene followed by a fairly tough boss fight. I saw that cutscene about six times. Did I mention it's unskippable? It's unskippable.

    The point where I finally gave up was when I ran into a tricky miniboss in a dungeon, *just* managed to defeat it after great efforts, turned a corner and was then attacked by two of them. After reloading I found that the last savepoint was at the beginning of the dungeon and I had to do the whole thing again (miniboss included).

    Which is a damn shame, as even on the Wii it looks fabulous --- the way your character moves is fluid and a joy to look at, and simply running round the overworld is an absolute blast. But I just don't have time for Nintendo hard any more.

    1. Greg J Preece

      Re: Okami

      You died? In Okami?? I can't remember dying outside of a devil gate cave, ever. Did you not have an Astral Pouch or something?

      In fairness, I did hear that the Wii controls sucked. I played PS myself.

      1. MartinB105

        Re: Okami

        The Wii version was very easy too; I don't remember ever dying in it.

        Anyway, this is not a bad list of games. I want to get Okami HD, but I can't justify £15.99 as I already have the Wii version; I'm waiting for a discount.

        The Unfinished Swan is an excellent (although very short) game too.

  5. Longrod_von_Hugendong

    Little big planet carting...

    Could you rip off Nintendo anymore?

    Time to exit the band-wagon and invent some original games, mind you since Nintendo basically had a Halfords voucher to redesign the Wii they probably cannot afford to sue, so you are pretty much safe.

  6. wowfood

    LBP Karting

    Played it at eurogamer, and well, this was my take on it.

    F1 Race stars played almost exactly the same as LBP Karting, which played almost exactly the same as Mod Nation Racers which was just a poop copy for Mario Kart. It just wasn't good.

    Personally if I were to recommend a ps3 game people might have missed, it would be a much older one than that. Valkyria Chronicles. One of the best TBS games I've ever played, and not a single person I've talked into playing it has been able to disagree. If you like strategy then play that game.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dark Souls

    I played Demon Souls and hated it.. not because it was hard I quite liked it, but because when you died everything re-spawned and you started over again like nothing had happened. Getting to the last bad guy in the level and then dying, then doing it all over again, just to die at the same point again and again..

    This was not clever and amazing but just poor and lazy coding not to remember which characters were dead. Is that still the same with Dark Souls?

    1. jnewco81

      Re: Dark Souls

      Yes... It can be really difficult and frustrating at times, but it's down to you to observe what you're doing wrong, and improve your strategy. Rarely does it feel like the game is being 'cheap' when dishing out death.

      The respawning of enemies is completely intentional. The game wouldn't be so difficult, and yet so damn satisfying if you could stroll back to the boss after defeat. Things get a touch easier if you manage to summon help from other gamers online though!

      It's definitely not a game for everyone, but Dark Souls and it's predecessor are easily my favourites of this generation and jumped straight into my top-five games of all time. Love them!

  8. Citizen Kaned

    Little Big Planet Karting as good as sonic racing? sonic racing is the best racing fun since mario kart on the snes.

    we just got the new sonic racing transformed. cars then boats then aircraft. loads of fun and still pretty hardcore on the highest levels.

    i do fancy Little Big Planet Karting but it was twice the price of sonic transformed. might pick it up after xmas when there are loads of user tracks.

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