back to article HTC share zoom prior to Apple peace pact under investigation

The Taiwanese Stock Exchange has said that it will investigate why HTC's shares shot up a week before anyone knew the firm was going to settle its patent disputes with Apple. HTC stock shot up the Taiwan maximum of 7 per cent yesterday after the announcement that it had signed a licensing agreement with Apple that put an end …


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  1. Rafael L

    Maybe people trust in HTC DROID DNA?

    1. LarsG

      Nero fiddled while Rome Burned.

      HTC just fiddled.

  2. EddieD

    Not so good, really

    As Groklaw points out, HTC are being double-teamed by a combination of Microsoft and Apple - I think the figures being quoted there are about $8+ per device to each of Microsoft and Apple. By the time this has worked its way through the supply chain, it could easily make HTC android devices uncompetetive in the open market, which is definitely not good.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not so good, really

      You can't say that, this is the Register. You have to deny the settlement was in Apple's favour.

  3. NoneSuch Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    HTC has good phones. They just need to ratchet the Sense "experience" down a few notches which will increase performance and stop hampering user choice.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge


      Yup, Sense is why I avoided HTC and advised everyone I knew to do so as well.

      1. Sampler

        Re: Sense-less

        Sense is just a UI - others can be used, you're not tied to it..not that I have, been using sense since early win-mo's back on my Prophet (then Kaiser, them Rhodium, Desire, Desire Z and now OneX), some of us quite like it, but if you don't it shouldn't stop you getting a HTC

  4. CJ Bill

    Saw the title and thought Share Zoom was one of the patented areas


  5. Tim Brown 1

    right to know?

    I'm curious as to why public companies such as HTC and Apple don't have to make the terms of settlements like this public. Surely the shareholders are entitled to know?

    1. Stratman

      Re: right to know?

      They are announced. The problem here is the shares took off before the announcement.

      Almost as if those in the know were cashing in.

      1. Tim Brown 1

        Re: right to know?

        But the actual terms of the settlement remain confidential - HTC could be paying Apple $100, $10, $1 per handset, we just don't know. For that matter, Apple could even be paying HTC!

  6. Greg D

    device performance

    This was the nail in the coffin for me and HTC.

    I bought a Desire HD about 14 months ago and thought it was great. Then, after about 8 months, I got fed up with the UI freezes and general slowness feeling (never had that slick iPhone feel), so I rooted it and threw on Cyanogen Mod 7.

    My god.

    What a difference in performance! Since then, EVERYTHING about this phone has been slicker than a hippo harpooned to a banana tree. It's seriously quick, even for a 1.2Ghz single-core Qualcomm CPU (hah! I say 'even' like that's slow!)

    In stark contrast, my missus' HTC Sensation XE, with it's dual-core 1.4Ghz chippery, double RAM and Android ICS, is horribly slow and jerky. Even worse than my stock Desire HD.

    That was when I decided either no more HTC (unless they cut out the bloat) and/or immediate invalidation of my devices' warranty when purchasing a new one by loading Cyanogen Mod on there.

    That in mind, I'm looking forward to obtaining and rooting a Samsung GSIII

  7. Chris Glen-smith

    re Greg D: sounds like my HTC Incredible

    (now18 months old) which was great until it received the ICS update, since then it has been crap. I've been an HTC customer since my G1 but (buitl by HTC IIRC) but I won't be buying HTC again,

    I might follow Greg D's example and have a go at rooting it.

    As to whoever said you're not tied to Sense, what are you talking about? Short of rooting it how do you get rid of it?

  8. Tony Paulazzo

    >HTC has good phones. They just need to ratchet the Sense "experience" down a few notches which will increase performance and stop hampering user choice.<

    And maybe ratchet up the speaker quality, Jeez, two HTC phones (Desire & Sensation), love everything about 'em but the speaker, it's dire.

    As for unlocking 'n rooting, piece of piss (no harder than jailbreaking an iphone), XDA developers website, loads of good info. I'm currently running Jellybean 4.2 on my Sensation, smooth as... well, butter I guess.

    Battery life has also improved over the sense UI, and I'm loving GoogleNow, tho' I'm not sure I'd agree it's better than Siri (Siri def understands 'make appointment' and other commands better - but GoogleNow doesn't insert capitals into the middle of a sentence).

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