back to article BlackBerry 10: Dozens of networks probe the final RIM shot

RIM reckons more than 50 network operators are testing its BlackBerry 10 handsets, which sounds impressive until one remembers that testing is just a first step on the long journey to market. Nonetheless, the trouble mobe maker is keen to prove its radio electronics and phone performance are up to scratch. "We have passed a …


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  1. DJ Smiley

    I've gotta say it....

    Clearly this was something apple never bothered doing, instead seeing their own internal testing as infallible?

  2. James 100

    More testing than other handsets needed?

    BB10 may be different, but previous BB handsets certainly integrated more tightly with the network than other smartphones: where iPhones and Android devices essentially just need an Internet connection, plus the usual phone access, BBs use their own special APN, some funny business for push notifications from RIM's servers, etc. Those fancy extra features might well need more testing than, say, Samsung's latest Android kit?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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