back to article Dr No, Thunderball, Casino Royale? Vote now for the best Bond film

Over the past couple of weeks, we've had an entertaining time deciding on the vilest Bond villain and the ultimate movie Bond, so the the time has come to pose perhaps the most critical 007 question: What's the best James Bond film? Sean Connery was voted your fave Bond, so we suspect one of his outings has to be in with a …


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  1. IHateWearingATie
    Thumb Up

    Do you expect me to talk?

    No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!

    1. Leona A

      Re: Do you expect me to talk?

      No Mr Bond, I expect you to Vote!

    2. Andrew Moore Silver badge

      Re: Do you expect me to talk?

      "Do you expect me to go grey, Goldfinger?"

      "No Mr Bond, I expect you to dye!"

    3. tirk

      Re: Do you expect me to talk?

      Oblig. XKCD link -

  2. Pen-y-gors Silver badge

    Which Casino Royale?

    Is that the original (excellent) Casino Royale (David Niven, Woody Allen etc) or the 2006 remake?

    1. Not That Andrew

      Re: Which Casino Royale?

      I was just about to ask that. Excellent movie.

    2. Christian Berger Silver badge

      Re: Which Casino Royale?

      Absolutely, and it's also the only one with the iconic "James Bond" theme.

    3. Petrea Mitchell

      Re: Which Casino Royale?

      Indeed, the 1967 version is what I was hoping to vote for!

  3. melt

    I really want to like the Daniel Craig films

    ...but Casino Royale was an hour-long poker game when I don't understand poker, and Quantum of Solace's plot was [spoiler alert] some guys trying to set up a utilities monopoly in Bolivia. [/spoiler alert] Exciting stuff.

    1. Spudbynight
      Paris Hilton

      Re: I really want to like the Daniel Craig films

      Quantum of Solace was for me a complete dog of a movie.

      Bond villains need to have an evil plan. As you say setting up a utility monopoly in Bolivia doesn't quite cut the mustard. It was the Diet Coke of evil master plans - just one calorie, not evil enough. (With thanks to Dr. Evil)

      It wasn't evil enough or big enough. A water monopoly would have been fine - IF it covered the entire world. But Nicaragua*? Please!

      Paris would have made a better Bond villain.

      *I don't even care what minor country it was.

      1. Silverburn

        Re: I really want to like the Daniel Craig films

        The later movies have become too action intrigue, no deductions or working out of the cunning plan (instead, we rely on Mr evil to spell it out), no covert ninja-ing, too much reliance on intel and gadgets to solve the problems for you. All DC has to do is run about fighting.

        More brain, less braun please. More John le Carré, less David Morrell (Rambo).

    2. ISYS

      Re: I really want to like the Daniel Craig films

      Casino Royale (Daniel Craig) is an hour long poker game because the book is largely a poker game. I admit that is a lot of time to be sat there watching some people stare at each other (even Bond and Le Chiffre kept dashing off to change their shirts and restart their hearts etc) but a necessary part of the plot.

      Fleming describes Bond as a damaged, detached killer. I think DC has portrayed this well and the directors are giving us fans all the gadgets, action and beautiful women that we expect.

      As for Quantam of Solace - WTF

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: the book is largely a poker game

        Do you mean Baccarat?

        1. ISYS

          Re: the book is largely a poker game

          I stand corrected!

          I meant a card game - Honest. I was so busy admiring the lady's neckline that I failed to notice what game we are playing ;-)

      2. Andrew Moore Silver badge

        Re: I really want to like the Daniel Craig films

        "Casino Royale (Daniel Craig) is an hour long poker game because the book is largely a poker game."

        You might want to reread the book- it wasn't poker.

  4. jai

    Goldeneye wtf!!

    but i wonder if my fondness for Goldeneye is accentuated somewhat by the joy of 4-player gaming on the N64

    1. Piro

      Re: Goldeneye wtf!!

      I think that's probably it for most people who voted. To be fair, it was still a fun film. Who doesn't want to drive a tank through St. Petersburg.

      1. James Micallef Silver badge

        Re: Goldeneye wtf!!

        Goldeneye is ace - bungeeing off a dam, skydiving INTO a plane, and driving a tank round in a city are all very James Bond. For me though, very few things beat a proper shark tank. So... Thunderball or The spy who loved me??

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Live and let die

    Killer song.

    Still worth a listen.

    1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      Re: Live and let die

      McCartney or GNR version? Both good, I can't decide myself...

      1. Darryl

        Re: Live and let die


        Never liked GnR

    2. Armando 123

      Re: Live and let die

      Goldfinger might still be the best theme song (aside from the standard Bond theme song, of course).

  6. Philip Bune
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    Old films were the best, apart form Roger Moores ones .

    O.H.M.S.S is my fave as he only did the one film

    1. Dabooka Silver badge


      Contentious though that doubtless is, I kind of agree.

      It had a fab plot but let down piss-poor direction and acting. I always feel guilty for thinking it's a good film!

      And the Propellerheads did an awesome remix of the theme.

      1. AbortRetryFail
        Thumb Up

        Re: OHMSS

        Indeed. Much awesomeness with the Propellerheads track.

        1. Gazareth

          Re: OHMSS

          Ooo forgot how good that track is... Hope it's on Spoitfy!

          1. Peter Murphy

            Re: OHMSS

            Would YouTube do?


      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: OHMSS

        Don't forget that the intelligent, action woman female lead in OHMSS was Diana Rigg. More of a draw than George Lazenby for many UK audiences. viz Avengers v Big Fry.

  7. Leona A
    Paris Hilton


    I can only choose one! nooooooo! that is so difficult.

  8. RainForestGuppy

    I'd vote Goldeneye but....

    Goldeneye had all the elements, EMP pulse weapons, trick helicoptors, Cold war Missile trains, a tank chase, a secret jungle radar base (Sean Bean trying his best not to sound like he comes from Sheffield).

    But the Bond Car.... A BMW Z3, I half expected Bond to confront Alec Trevelyan and offer him a light perm and a bit off the back.

    Product placement is one thing, but not when you put the worlds greatest secret agent in a Hairdressers car.

    1. Silverburn

      Re: I'd vote Goldeneye but....

      But the Bond Car.... A BMW Z3, I half expected Bond to confront Alec Trevelyan and offer him a light perm and a bit off the back.

      It could be worse - he could drive a rented Mundane-o, whereapon he'd jump out and try and sell you some plumbing supplies...damn you Cas Roy!

  9. Spudbynight
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    Dalton fan checking in

    I am a Dalton fan. I personally feel he was an excellent Bond and his two movies were both better than later Moores and all of Brosnans bar Goldeneye.

    He played a Bond that was far closer to Fleming's character.

    Was he my favourite Bond - no. Was he in the best Bond film - no.

    He certainly wasn't the wurst* though.

    *Oktoberfest - everybody drink!

    1. Dabooka Silver badge

      Re: Dalton fan checking in

      Agree in the main, he was let down by some awful script work, direction and utterly terrible wardrobe decisions!

      1. Tibbs

        Re: Dalton fan checking in

        I think you could tell they didn't know what to do with Living Daylights, Moore might have come back, so they needed the comedy, but it was likley to be someone new who would be more serious, so it fell between 2 stools.

        Licence to Kill they got a much better fit for him. Much more serious, and really played to Dalton's acting strengths (i.e. that he's a bloody good dramatic actor). I also think it's one of the few Bond films you could rename the main character and it would still work as a film. Had Dalton made another Bond in 1991 or so whenever it was supposed to come out (thank you Kevin Sodding McClory), I think we'd have had a much grittier path through the 90s, much more akin to what we have with the Daniel Craig reboot now, rather than Brosnan, who always sounded like he was straining a stool when ever he said Buaaahnd. (*plop*)

        And this is one of the times I wish I could punch people through the screen - all 8 of you who voted for QoS as the best film...

        Beer, because it's as close as you have to a martini...

        1. Silverburn

          Re: Dalton fan checking in

          Beer, because it's as close as you have to a martini...

          Careful what you wish Skyfall, he supposedly replaces his Vodka martini with a, I can't even say it. I'm too traumatised.

    2. BillG Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Dalton fan checking in

      Another Dalton Fan here. He is the proper balance between Sean Connery's playfulness and Daniel Craig's aloof coldness. As Spud just wrote, his Bond was far closer to Fleming's character.

      That's why I like License to Kill - it's Bond going off-the-rails. His friend is killed, and he's going after his killer, Service be damned. It's Bond at his most focused and most dedicated.

      1. Darryl

        Re: Dalton fan checking in

        Worst part about Dalton was his single facial expression - angry guy.

  10. Mondo the Magnificent

    Currently.. Casino Royale leads with Goldfinger following shortly behind..

    Tells me two things, we have different generations of Bond fans here!

    I like all of the Bond films, from the stern Connery, the cheesy Moore, the doubtful Dalton, the poncy Brosnan to the non nonsense Craig.

    Rest assured if I play "Remote Roulette" and a Bond film comes up, I watch it!

    However the latest Bond played by Daniel Craig is probably the best portrayal of a modern no nonsense spy with realistic fight scenes and the "Jason Bourne" esque persona I've come to love, but with the British flair.

    It's a tough choice to pick one, but in essence they're all great in their own way..

    1. ravenviz

      Re: Currently.. Casino Royale leads with Goldfinger following shortly behind..

      I agree about the roulette, except for The Man With the Golden Gun which I thought was awful.

  11. LPF

    Casino Royal! sweet weeping jesus some people have no taste!

    Spy Who Loved Me for the Lotus alone!

    1. Leona A

      That is the one I voted for, for the same reason :)

      Though I love all the films and happy to watch any of them, any time.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Lotus electrics working underwater?

      Cmon, now you really are entering the realms of fantasy.... :)

      1. BoldMan

        Re: Lotus electrics working?

        There, fixed it for you... Forget "underwater"...

    3. Gazareth

      Union Flag parachute, Lotus, Underwater Lair, Sharks, Jaws, Barbara Bach and Caroline Munro (mmm Naomi). Not to mention a cracking theme song :)

  12. Simon Cresswell
    Thumb Up


    Yes, George was wooden (and was a sacrificial lamb after Schorn)


    Fabulous plot (and soundtrack) got my vote - it is after all for best FILM not best Bond/car/girl/WHY - OHMSS is more than the sum of its parts.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: OHMSS

      Diana Rigg was memorable.

      1. Captain Hogwash Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: Diana Rigg was memorable everything she did.

      2. This post has been deleted by its author

      3. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

        Re: OHMSS

        > Diana Rigg was memorable.

        IS memorable :)

    2. Patrice
      Thumb Up

      Re: OHMSS

      It was certainly the story, the best script and a top notch ensemble cast. It's too bad that George wasn't quite up to par with the rest of the film. Otherwise there would be unanimous.

  13. EddieD

    Dr No for me...

    Every series needs a start, and I particularly like this - no toys, no gimmicks, no SFX, no CGI - just Bond with his wits, and his new Walther PPK (part of the time) - and a nice line in witty ripostes ("That's a Smith and Wesson, and you've had your 6" and he then goes on to mow down a technically unarmed man...).

    1. King Jack

      Re: Dr No for me...

      Dr No had Special effects. The car chase and fight scenes were speeded up to make them look more dramatic.

      Not hi-tech, but SFX all the same

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can I vote for

    Timothy Dalton starring in Goldfinger with the music from Live and Let Die but this time played by Guns N Roses?

  15. Tom Melly

    Sorry about this...

    Bono and the boys decide to retire and move to Australia to take up surfing. Anyway, a reporter goes to interview them in their new beach pad. Unfortunately, on the day of the interview, the entire band is drowned in a freak accident, and on arrival, the reporter is greeted by a tearful manservant. The reporter asks if the band is ready to be interviewed, to which the manservant replies, "No, Mister - Bondi-expats U2 die."

    1. Dave Gomm

      Re: Sorry about this...

      sorry for the downvote, I just had to put acid in my eyes so I could never read a joke that bad again and you had to pay for it sonmehow

  16. Pete B

    I'm basing my vote

    On the girls in it, not who played Bond.

    Has to be The Man with the Golden Gun.

  17. Antoinette Lacroix

    Where's the "They are all crap" button ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Just to the right of the "Upvote" one, it seems

  18. unwarranted triumphalism
    Thumb Down

    Is it just me

    Or are all the Bond movies really juvenile?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Is it just me

      Yes it is just you.

    2. graeme leggett

      Re: Is it just me

      Well they are all straighforward tales of daring do where the hero prevails due to a combination of courage, strength of character and the assistance of an ally he has befriended (bedded?) over a wily and resourceful enemy

      Part of a tradition going back to Buchan's Hannay and Sapper's Bulldog Drummond (though the latter is more of a cold killer than the former)

    3. Armando 123

      Re: Is it just me

      There is an element of the juvenile in a Bond film, but I heard this criticism from a "woman" who openly wept at the end of Titanic.

  19. Rono666
    Thumb Up

    You only live twice is my fav and a good screen play by Roald Dhal

    1. Captain Hogwash Silver badge

      Plus Japan, Helga Brandt and a hollowed out volcano. What's not to like?

      1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

        and a cracking theme tune and incidental score to boot.

  20. MJI Silver badge

    Too difficult

    Can you wait until I have rewatched them all?

    Got a few DVDs to sell now as well.

  21. WeaselNo7
    Thumb Up

    Do you expect me to walk?

    Noooo mister Bond, I expect you to fly!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Live and let die

    Best flairs and sideburns!

  23. Christian Berger Silver badge

    Music wise

    I'd have to say Goldfinger. The song to it is just catchy and just listen to the lyrics:

    Well I've heard that it's gold, I've heard that it's a finger.

    Now don't shoot me, I'm just the bloody singer....

  24. Joefish
    Paris Hilton

    Your Four Eyes Only

    Just for spotting all the scenes around the 'exotic' setting of Corfu and Meteora. Although Licence to Kill has the best Bond-girls and The Spy Who Loved Me has the best car. As has been said, Daniel Craig could be great if the plots weren't so pathetic.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    partridge's dream

    Alan Partridge settling down for a weekend viewing of all the bonds sort of sums it up really.

  26. AbortRetryFail

    Sophie Marceau

    Has to be The World Is Not Enough, simply for the gorgeous Sophie Marceau as the delightfully complex Elekra King and the solid performance of Robert Carlisle as Renard.

    But it was hard to choose as I have so many favourites. Tim Dalton put in a very solid performance as the 'Bond of the Books' but was let down by poor scripts, and Daniel Craig has put in an equally good stab at it too.

    I was lucky enough that my dad bought a white Lotus Esprit S3 not long after The Spy Who Loved Me came out. Being dropped off at school in James Bond's car was totally awesome. So that film has a special place for me too.

  27. wayne 8

    From Russia with Love

    Only gadgets were a tricked out briefcase and an AR-7 22LR survival rifle used as a sniper rifle. Bond and Grant mano a mano to the death in a train cabin. Oh yeah, one other trick, Rosa Klebb's switchblade tipped shoes. Minimalist Bond.

  28. Armando 123

    Must admit

    I'm inclined to vot for Octopussy because I think Maud Adams is the best "Bond girl" ever. (And 20 years before the term MILF was coined, no less.)

    Though if you said it was Honor Blackmon, I wouldn't argue.

    1. Tom 38 Silver badge

      Re: Must admit

      I'm inclined to vot for Octopussy because I think Maud Adams is the best "Bond girl" ever.

      You know she was in Man With The Golden Gun first? (Scaramanga's missus)

    2. Joefish

      Re: Must admit

      And credit to Honor Blackman -

      For being the only Bond-girl actress with a name as mucky as her character's.

  29. Rainer


    Because it had Pussy Galore (but not too much pussy like in Octopussy)

    OK, also a somewhat almost-believable plot.

    And where is the IT-angle, BTW?

  30. Mat 3

    You've just killed James Bond

    Although Diamonds isn't the best - it is my favourite - for the violent fight scene with Bond and Peter Franks - Bond smashing Franks with a fire extinguisher - and then Tiffany Case exclaiming: "My God ..You've just killed James Bond !! "

    As it notes here:

    On a sidenote, Joe Robinson, who portrays Franks, was getting off a bus in Cape Town, South Africa in 1998 and was attacked by eight muggers. Robinson has a 6th degree black belt in judo, and used to be a professional weightlifter. They came at him with knives and baseball bats, but the 70-year-old Robinson took out two with leg kicks, karate-chopped another in the chest and broke the arm of a fourth. The rest turned and ran. When Sean Connery heard about this, he sent Robinson a Get Well card that said, “Give this to the muggers, if you can find them. Sean.”

  31. Fergus Gallagher

    A pattern

    With the exception of Connery, the 1st movie for each actor were by far the best.

  32. TheProf

    Can't figure Goldfinger

    Can someone explain to me why Goldfinger is always rated so highly in these polls?

    I've watched it several time and I can't see the attraction.

    Bond is rubbish in it. He gets captured while doing some simple spying and spends the rest of the film impotent (well apart from the scene in the hay).

    The day is saved by Pussy Galore and the US military. Even the atomic bomb is defused by someone else.

    Please, why? It must be more than the DB5 and a woman painted gold.

  33. stucs201


    Yes, I know not actually a Bond film. However I did really like its balance of slight parody without being a pure comedy.

  34. Dave Gomm

    I can understand Goldeneye being propped up by the N64 vote but how the hell does OHMSS get more votes than either YOLT or L&LD ?

    /me is confused

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anyone voting for Die Another Day?

    Didn't think so

    1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

      Re: Anyone voting for Die Another Day?

      To be fair I thought the first 15 mins of scorpion torture and distrust were up there with the best of them - shame it was all downhill from there on. Although Halle Berry has to get a look in as one of the best Bond girls. .

  36. Jonjonz

    Craig is no Sean

    I will give Craig his due as a workman's effort at the role, but he is and never will be numero uno JB, that will always be Sean Connery, hands down.

    Polls like this tend to reflect that moronic youth assumes that whatever they have seen is better than what they have not seen. Their loss, Goldfinger and Thunderball, it's all downhill from there.

  37. skellious

    Why no Skyfall?

    Skyfall should be an option here, that movie breaks the mould of the recent laissez-faire ones and really gets down to a gritty story with substance and drama, including many tips of the hat to bond fans of old.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another Bond film I can't find on your list...

    I once saw 'James Bondage and Miss Fannyready'. The cars weren't up to much, the plot was a little thin, and only one gadget was used repeatedly to great effect. Still the climax was very good.

  39. Dan Harris


    isn't an option?

    I'm not sure I'd have picked it, although its certainly in my top 10 bond films of all time, but its' not going to get much of a look in when its not an option!

    1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Skyfall

      How can Skyfall be an option? It opened in the UK on the same day as the poll. By the time we close the poll this week, the majority of our readers won't have seen it.

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