back to article SAP vows to unravel user snarl-up over software licensing

SAP is "actively discussing" ways to make its software licensing easier to understand, the software giant has told The Reg. A spokesperson for SAP, the world’s largest maker of business software, said it plans to announce specifics “shortly.” SAP didn’t provide any more details, but the statement follows a damning …


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  1. John Rose
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    There never seems to be any reporting of the extent of end user dissatisfaction with SAP. By end user, I mean the people who actually use it day to day as opposed to the IT directors & managers who make purchasing decisions. As someone who's worked with the end users in various organisations, I have yet to meet an end user who actually likes using SAP.

    PS I can rarely get these 'thumb' icons to appear underneath my posts.

    1. Gj2012

      Re: Users

      You've obviously worked in organisations where they don't use it properly then.

      I've seen a lot of organisations where it works well, where it's used right...don't believe all the negative reports, positive news doesn't often make news stories! :)

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Users

        Happy Sappers? Come on then, name 10.

        Failed implementations? Here's a couple:

        British Airways

        City of Portland, Tacoma

        Bedford, Newcastle Universities

        Cadbury Schweppes

        Hewlett Packard



        General Motors



        WH Smith



        Bang and Olufsen


        Plus a few I know of personally but can't comment on.

  2. pixl97


    Complicated license schemes are always good for the seller. Clear license terms are always better for the buyer. If the the buyer isn't confused about what he needs how will he overbuy the stuff he doesn't, and isn't ever going to use. You don't have to provide support for the software the customer pays for but doesn't use.

  3. peter 45

    SAP management

    are obviously right on top of listenng to their customers.......well apart for needing an survey to realise that 95% of them are pissed off.

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