back to article UNSW offers free online Computing 1 class

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has jumped on the international bandwagon of Universities giving their courses away for free, with a 12-week Computing 1 course starting today. Available here, the course will be taught by Associate Professor Richard Buckland, an academic who specialises in security, cyber crime and …


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  1. Pperson

    Does an interactive video really beat a live human?

    Is education really about packaging up information into interactive forms? Then why didn't DVDs and "multimedia" already solve the problem? Or books for that matter? I can learn from books now no problem, but back when I was a dumb 17-year-old it wasn't the case - no matter how much I tried to understand, I needed someone to bump me straight and do it in person, whether it was my mates or the (good) lecturers. So I don't reckon all these Internet-based courses are ultimately going to supplant in-person teaching, but I can't really say *why*.

    1. BonezOz

      Re: Does an interactive video really beat a live human?

      Who cares, it's free, and if you can complete it, at least it will look good on your CV. I'll do it, mainly because I don't have the time, nor the funds to take a programming course in a classroom setting. Now I'll have something to do on my weekends and any other free time I can find.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Yeah I call bullshit....

    It may be a nice, fun, interesting course, but ALL it really is is just bait advertising to get more paying customers to take up the $$$$$$ course at the university.

    I am all for studying and diversifying and churning up the adaptive mental process's, but many of these bullshit "free and open" online university courses are badly run, the course work is a fucking mess, and many of them are just arseholes hopping on the "Open University" bandwagon - serving up worthless add-hoc shit in the process, that leads to no specific qualification or certifiable capability.


    Q: Will I get acknowledgment for completion?

    You will not receive any official certificate or accreditation for the course. But you will receive some awesome looking badges that will be displayed on your OpenLearning profile!

    Ohhhh fuck!!! I will receive some AWESOME looking badges on my E - profile...... Truly awesome.

    That is a bullshit artists way of saying we are too slack to work on a trust based system and go that little bit extra, and give the certificate as a qualification in it's own right, AND it's the first step in a range of qualifications in the whole subject or the branching specialisations.

    I do think it's worth being constantly enrolled and doing something challenging and worthwhile, but the end result is that sometimes I want to have the paperwork to prove that I have understood the subject and can implement the understanding, in a useful, and cost effective way.

    And most of the "Open University" courses and the people who come out with the bullshit, are just a fucking waste of time.

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