back to article BT Infinity customers hit by outages at 'third party peering network'

BT Infinity customers have been complaining about peering issues that have prevented some of them from accessing popular websites for nearly five days. And now, after some haranguing, the national telco has said sorry for the service disruptions its punters have been moaning about. BT said in a statement to The Register: We …


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  1. Ryan Kendall

    Taken Months

    It's taken a month for them to fix the link they had to Europe, their backup link had terrible packet loss. after the main undersea cable was cut.

    1. leexgx

      Re: Taken Months

      at least BT fix the problems whereas Virgin just ignore them until the cab has been set on fire

      virgin media oversubscribed Upstream area, next fix in 3 months emm nope 3 months err can't do add 3 more months, Virgin just need to ad More upstream channels at the big cabs... why they have 100 downstream chans but only 5 upstream

      they need to stop ignoring oversubscribed areas as they just switch to Sky FTTC (maybe talktalk or BT), the good thing is when they move off Virgin my connection will work normally again, but i mite end up switching as i like my ping at an constant 30 then an avg 60 (+/- 60 jitter + up to 5-30% packet loss between 4pm and midnight)

  2. Tascam Holiday

    PS3 Cold Turkey

    Bah, this probably explains why it's been impossible to play Starhawk for the last few days.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Re: PS3 Cold Turkey

      Killzone was unplayable as well

  3. jacobbe

    its been working flawlessly for at least a month..!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Telecoms and packet loss. There is a GPO joke in this somewhere but I'm not old enough to figure it out.

    1. b166er

      And that joke, would be BT.

  5. CatoTheCat

    BT Infinity - oh the irony.

    I note that BT have again used my home town (Lewes) in their advertising campaigns.

    This time it is the "Bringing us all together for London 2012" speil.

    hXXp:// (or just search YouTube for the above title)

    There is even one of the 'falling stars' heading towards the roof of my house.

    Guess who is stuck with 6.5Mbps ADSL then.....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: BT Infinity - oh the irony.

      Report it to the ASA!

      BT clearly show your house receiving the Infinity service, yet it is not available!

      It'd be a laugh, anyway.

  6. Captain Scarlet Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    "El Reg understands that BT is not the only telco affected by the peering problems"

    So you bung in a popular ISP and make it out to be their issue. Why not make it clear multiple ISP's are affected by the issue instead of hiding it in almost the last sentence!

    1. ukgnome Silver badge

      er, maybe it's because BT infinity customers have been having a whine about it and El Reg was made aware of that fact, rather than trawling Bobs Bargain ISP forum(other shitty little forums are available) for 3 men moaning about access to

  7. moiety is down?!!!?!!1! They better have it back up before the weekend!!11!

  8. Happy Ranter

    Its never BTs fault is it?

    Bt don't even monitor their own systems, how can you expect then to keep an eye on upstream providors?

    More than once I have given BT the IP address of the router thats not playing fair and they still swear blind nothing is wrong, funny how often it fixes itself shortly after the phone call ends

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BT Popular?

    Errrr no, its chosen by folks who can't be bothered to do a bit of research and choose a better ISP

  10. MJI Silver badge

    Finally back

    And I hosted a few matches.

    And I out sniped a sniper with a heavy machine gun!

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