back to article Asian hackers p0wned by Eastern European rivals

Cyber criminals from Eastern Europe present a more sophisticated information security threat to Western firms than their rivals in East Asia, according to a surprising new assessment of the global threat landscape by a former White House cyber security advisor. Peter the Great vs. Sun Tzu is a new report from Tom Kellerman, …


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  1. Gordon Pryra

    Keeping the industry going anyway

    Its nice little pep-talks like this that keeps the kiddies interested. Funny how security companies feel the need for these little employment boosting speeches. Im pretty sure Ive heard almost the same thing comming out of the IMECHE talking about women in engineering (just a slight change in wording)

    Are things going slow on the threats they can actually counter without getting a man from a .gov at their door telling them to back off?

  2. Ross K Silver badge

    Stop The Presses!

    China producing an inferior copy of the real thing?

    I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't read it on The Reg.

  3. Ian McNee

    P0wned?? WTF??!!??! FTW!!!111!!!

    As any (geek) fule kno it is pWn3d

    1. Ross K Silver badge

      Re: P0wned?? WTF??!!??! FTW!!!111!!!


  4. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    Eastern European attacks a legacy of high quality science and maths education?

    The good news is that we don't have to worry much about dangerous stuff coming out of the "Freedom Coalition Countries" anytime soon then. This code ain't getting built with "Web Skills"!

    And the infrastructure to allow our future controlling intelligences to access everything over broadband is being rolled out with the last gasp of the western economies (assembled in China, natch), to usher in the "digital economy". Hah! A fiendish plan if there ever was one.

    It's like "A Deepness in the Sky", only without aliens.

  5. steve876

    Maths; humanity's salvation?!

    Maybe it's a cultural thing. There are certainly lots of top maths and computer science graduates in China. These people seem to be going into bona fide research rather than being swept into the hands of criminal gangs due to poor employment prospects,

  6. mhenriday

    Presumably, Mr Kellerman has read Sun Zi (in translation)

    as by limiting the comparison to teams operating in Eastern Europe and China, respectively, he manages to ignore - and likely, get the rest of us to ignore - the six-tonne elephant in the room, viz, the US government. Way to go !...


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