back to article Casio to enter tablet market with twin-cam scanner

Watch and calculator-purveyor Casio is set to enter the tablet space with a flourish with the launch of the Paper Writer, a 10.1in device featuring document scanning functionality which could appeal to business travellers. The tablet features two five megapixel cameras and is powered by an as-yet-unnamed 1.5Ghz dual-core …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's a beast, although the removable battery is an idea, the battery is fairly big to be lugging round a spare.

    The scanning program is novel though.

    1. andreas koch

      @AC 0604h -

      >. . .

      The scanning program is novel though.

      . . . <

      Not if it's in any way competitive. Then it will turn out to (have) be(en) an Apple invention.

      1. Elmer Phud

        Re: @AC 0604h -

        Every now and then Casio bring out a product that turns a particular market upside down.

        Calculators, watches and music synths come to mind.

        Not necessarily a good idea - my cheap Casio watch (less than a tenner) is still working after many years, so is my ancient CZ101.

        1. adifferentbob

          Da da da

          Agreed, casio make some bulletproof kit. My wife has still got her casio vl-tone. It works very nicely even after close to thirty years.

  2. Gerhard den Hollander
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    if it works, and if it would be able to cope woith my handwriting ... this would be a nice piece of kit to have ...

    1. John Rose

      Re: interesting

      It looks to me like it will not include a true OCR app. Thus, each page will be stored as a jpg/tiff/png.

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    Devils in the details

    And getting that lifetime (even with a battery that big) running OCR is *likely* to be challenging.

    But *if* they can pull it off....

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Odd company Casio. Everyone knows them as a watch and calculator manufacturer, but every now and then they make a foray into a completely new market. Back in the 1980s it was electronic instruments, not only the cheap and cheeful home keyboard market but the higher end stuff as well. They had a nice line in digital synthesisers (the CZ, VZ and FZ series) that were quite innovative and distinct from the FM based crap that was popular at the time. The later FZ series also had full sampling capabilities, at a time when FM had given way to tediously limited machines like the Korg M-1.

  5. andy gibson

    Retro Casio

    I had a portable Casio computer - the PB110, still going strong. As are my Casio PT82 (with ROM cartridges) and SK1 sampling keyboards.

  6. Ali on the Reg

    I was using a Casio touchscreen 'tablet'* computer at the start of the millennium, the PV-100. Even though it had a 128x128 display and you could not install any apps, it really did revolutionise my life.

  7. Steve Medway

    Don't forget Casio's Camera's.....

    I bought a Casio EX-S500 Camera in 2005 because it had mpeg4 recording at an really good price long before any other manufacturer within my price range for a point and shoot.

    Two years later they even provided a firmware update to use allow the use of sdhc cards (they didn't exist when I bought the camera). I seriously doubt most other camera companies would bother to do provide an update two years down the line. It's still working perfectlytoday, I just need a new battery because mine doesn't hold much charge anymore, but I'm not going to blame Casio for that.

    Every now and again Casio really do drop bombshells on their competition, lets hope this is another one.

  8. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge
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    If this is more than vapourware ...

    ... then they have another very interested potential customer here. I'll watch with anticipation!

  9. I think so I am?
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    lazer, led projector

    Ive one of their Lazar/led WXGA hybrid projectors. Best projector I've ever had and no need for a new lamp every 2,000hrs

  10. MichaelBirks

    As opposed to a 'scan to evernote' app?

    Like the recent moleskin pad/app combination, for instance.

    Or, for that matter those cheap pads that copy as JPG straight to your SD card.

  11. noodle heimer


    Usually, I hope a technical site will mention the OS that a new piece of gear will be running.

    Which in this instance is Android, for anyone who hasn't skipped to the link.

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