back to article Game to lure customers with free Wi-Fi

Troubled high street retailer Game is attempting to get customers back into its stores by offering them free Wi-Fi access. The gratis wireless internet will be delivered through a new partnership with BT, and will be rolled out in Game stores by Christmas. Game also touted a new, free smartphone app which will allow punters …


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  1. GeorgeTuk

    Errr right...

    So I am going to go to Game over HMV because they have free wifi? At least you will be able to check their prices against the rivals quicker!

    What surprises me more is the fact they are wasting time and money involving BT, it would be easy to get some half decent IT team to layer on another set off wi-fi over their existing, or in addition to their existing networks.

    I really do be continue to be disappointed by the amount work BT get by default because they are name every one knows.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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