back to article Oh no, sysadmins! VMware touts data centre that runs itself

Now that vCloud Suite 5.1 has arrived, VMware is pushing a new term: the software-defined data centre (SDD). It's easy at first to dismiss this as merely another marketing buzzword, meaningless PR babble like "cloud" or "synergy". If you poke your head behind the curtain, you'll find there's good reason for this newest bit of …


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  1. MrScott


    Obviously, we're supposed to drink the vCoolaid first. I agree with the author. The future is not yet here.

  2. Hagglefoot

    Waterwheel, Spinning jennies, Ford et al. its the future man!

    I dont understand whats taking so long.

    When I went to school and we did the industrial age in history it became obvious that technology develops to replace people and with a bit of luck a new technology comes along to allow the next generation of development to occur. If you look back industries such as Milling, Cloth Making, Bottling, Car manufacturing have all progressed into a robotic production line so why should it be any different for data and computing.

    In each case the result has always been a room full of automated machinery being maintained by a single fellow with an oil can paid a half salary or minimum wage.

    So the only question really is how come its taking so long for self healing systems. Perhaps its the sheer volume of redunancy with no new tech for the mass redundant techs to jump onto.

    Whats that you say? Skynet has achieved sentience...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VMware, the other words associated with it are 'it cost how much!!!'

  4. Tim Brown 1
    Thumb Down

    half-way through the article and it still hadn't got to the point

    Whatever happened to the tradition of summing up the story in the first paragraph and then going into detail?

    1. Adam White

      Re: half-way through the article and it still hadn't got to the point

      What did you expect, it's an article about a marketing term

  5. B4PJS

    Bugger off

    It is bad enough that my DB servers have had to be virtualised, they can take my dedicated disks away from me out of my cold, lifeless hands.

  6. Kirbini


    So the baked in VM security and networking is on par with Cisco, Tipping Point, Big5, SourceFire, Palo Alto and the like? And server admins are going to be able to build highly secure hosting infrastructures just by clicking a few buttons? What are you smoking because I want some too.

    Somehow this greybeard networking and security professional is not shaking in his proverbial boots.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Been there, Done that

    I remember back in 1981 how "The Last One' program generator program ( made all us programmers obsolete.

    Oh, wait...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Project eLiza and autonomic computing

    Didn't Big Blue try to build self healing servers a few years back?

    I notice they don't talk about it much now.

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