back to article HTC hawks fresh Desire for market boost

HTC launched the Desire X at IFA this week and simplified its product range by bringing an end to its low-end Wildfire lineup. HTC Desire X The HTC Desire X rolls with a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon S4 processor powering an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich build. There's a 4in WVGA display, a 5Mp camera and 4GB of internal …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still seems to be styled by people who style snowboards and skateboards. What about those who aren't 'rad'? can they not have a more stylish understated phone?

    1. Johnny G
    2. VWDan


      Sorry, we're still working on knitted phones

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Ugly from the back I think

    4. N13L5

      exactly why I came to make a post too

      wth, HTC? what's that supposed to be? a squashed egg?

      Just trying to get around the square with rounded corners patent?

      Back when I liked your designs and wanted to buy your phones, your cameras weren't up to snuff.. now you're thinking of new tricks to make me go buy phones from someone else...

  2. Lallabalalla

    Not another one!

    Can't they just do it once a year or so like ..... somebody else ....

    The constant scramble to keep up to date must be costing somebody a fortune. "Here's our NEW phone! It's SO much better than our OLD phone from last month and it does everything we told you the old one would do, but didn't quite manage.."

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Wildfire series wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't skimp on the processor and memory so much. I get it's a budget phone, but my store had quite a few come back because customers didn't think to stop using Facebook.

    1. frank ly Silver badge

      Wildfire still going...

      I've still got my old Wildfire (with AMOLED screen and camera pushbutton) and I run it on PAYG as a 'standby' phone in case anything goes wrong with its replacement, the Incredible-S. It does feel a bit sluggish and look grainy compared to the Incredible, but it still does everything I would need it to do (but it's not very good for reading e-books and watching videos).

      I can't think why I'd want to upgrade from the Incredible, since the 4" screen is the maximum size that I feel comfortable with using as a phone and carrying in my jacket pocket. Unless they can make smartphones do something amazing and 'must have', I see no reason why anyone with a recent smartphone would really need to upgrade.

    2. squilookle

      I have a wildfire S and I have no issues with the processor, but the lack of memory is a problem: and even that would have been alright if I could have uninstalled all the crapware. It has limitations but for the four main tasks I throw at my phone: light web browsing, playing music via Spotify, phone calls and texts, it is more than adequate and definitely worth what I paid for it.

      That said, when I'm ready for upgrade in a few months I plan on not being such a tight arse and going for something higher end. Probably another Android, possibly WP8 if that pans out well. We'll see whats about at the time.

      Regarding this new phone: Was the original Desire not the flagship model at the time? If so, I would have thought that relegating it to the budget model is more confusing than just refreshing the whole product line and giving it a new name and yet another letter...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Perfect Form Factor

        For me the Wildfire S is the perfect form factor for a phone, but it is a big sluggish with HTC Sense on.. I have a Desire S, which I feel is on the large side - but speed wise its great.

        If HTC put the Desire S CPU in the Wildfire S then I would be interested.

        Unlikely to happen. These days its either poverty spec budget phones, or high end monster phones.

    3. Lallabalalla
      Thumb Down

      wildfire limitations

      Yes, all of that - biggest drawback for us was not being able to see a big chunk of the apps in the store because of its low-res-ness. Turns out that if you have a low-res screen you simply can't see, or have, apps that aren't marked as low-res compatible.

      1. hplasm Silver badge

        Re: wildfire limitations

        That could be seen as an advantage, rather than buying apps that won't run. You know what some people are like...

  4. Joe User

    Apple lawyer, frothing at the mouth: "It's rectangular with rounded corners! Sue-sue-sue!"

    1. cd

      Was Ive's mum scared by an Altoids box while she was carrying him?

  5. adnim Silver badge

    I am thinking of...

    investing in my very first smart phone (seriously, I have not needed one until now).

    However when I read this..."delivers uncompromised, studio-quality sound for your music" on the HTC website, I closed the tab and decided to look elsewhere.

    I have worked in a recording studio, as a sound engineer, so this statement makes me wonder what else they may exaggerate or just plain lie about.


    LG? Samsung?

    1. Adam White

      Re: I am thinking of...

      Of course it does - provided you hook up a suitable amp and monitors

    2. SkippyBing Silver badge

      Re: I am thinking of...

      Ah, if you're looking for truth in advertising you're in the wrong reality.

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