back to article Shove off Prince Harry, now Norway's teen royal in fresh photo uproar

Blighty's playboy Prince Harry isn't the only royal hitting tabloid headlines for inappropriate snaps: Norway's monarchy has defended one of its own blue-blooded teens after his web photo uploading spree supposedly sparked a security scare. Marius Borg Høiby, 15, took photographs while on holiday and published them using a …


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  1. Turtle

    If it's too much for them...

    "Norway's police intelligence unit, the Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste (PST), is under fire for failing to inform the royal family about the potential drawbacks of sharing too much info on social networks."

    If the royal family can't figure it out for themselves, then Norway might want to considering advertising for a new royal family, maybe just a bit higher up the evolutionary tree...

    1. Dave 15

      Re: If it's too much for them...

      Is there such a thing? Thought all royal families shared the same inbreeding....

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: If it's too much for them...

        Fair dos. The Norwegian royalty's less inbred than most - Mette-Marit was a commoner before she married the Crown Prince, Marius' dad was involved in drugs, and her step-brother was one of Breivik's victims.

    2. Arctic fox

      Re:"If the royal family can't figure it out for themselves........"

      The Norwegian royal family are, as far as their tech is concerned, ordinary punters like millions of other ordinary punters with regard to their knowledge/understanding of the tech. They are none of them techies, professional or amateur. In common with the rest of the aforementioned millions of ordinary punters they know fuck all about that side of their shinies. That does not make them anything other than average punters with an average punter*s understanding of their smartphones. Norwegian security however are most definitely supposed to know about such things.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      Re: If it's too much for them...

      ... .............. ...... . .. ....................... 15 years old....... Enough said.

  2. ravenviz

    Anders Breivik

    Life in a Norwegian prison doesn't seem to look like punishment to me! :(

    1. wowfood


      Man, I wish I'd gone to prison instead of uni. Free accomodation and by the look of it much higher quality / more room than halls of residence.

      1. El Presidente

        Re: ... wish I'd gone to prison instead of uni

        Guarantee you'd have a better education and the conversations would have been far more erudite.

        See the comments below for an example.

        Breivik ? Had a very good point, completely lost the plot.

    2. Cameron Colley

      Re: Anders Breivik

      I severely doubt he will be in a prison like that. Whilst I'm not sure of it that looks like a minimum security prison or, at least, it's not as severe looking as the ones I've seen in Oslo, which from the outside at least look the same as the ones we have in the UK.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Anders Breivik

        Well he has been found sane - how someone that kills 77 can ever be found sane well..

        Anyway, now he has been found sane, my personal opinion is that I hope someone tortures the fucker, for a long time. Take him to the brink of death, bring him back - rinse and repeat.

        1. John H Woods

          Re: Anders Breivik

          I know exactly where you're coming from but 'sane' in this context doesn't mean the same as it does in regular conversation. If he were not sane in the legal sense, he couldn't be held fully responsible for his actions. Fortunately he is, and he is. Still a fucking nutter as far as any truly sane person is concerned.

    3. The Baron
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Anders Breivik

      The justice system in Norway is generally aimed more at rehabilitation than punishment for punishment's sake, as I understand it. Interestingly enough, the reoffending rate in Norway is around 20%, compared to around 50% in the UK or around 60% in the USA. Now I'm not suggesting that there is a direct correlation between having nice prisons and not reoffending - there are many other factors involved - but still, makes you think.

      1. Rune Moberg

        Re: Anders Breivik

        The Baron, I suspect some of the reason for those numbers is that in Norway we put away more traffic offenders than the US (and possibly UK). Class A highways have a 100 kph speed limit and you do not have to go much above a more European speed limit before your ass ends up in jail.

        As for the jail pictures in this thread, I do not think those are representative. shows somewhat similar, but more spartan facilities. The idea, as I understand it, is that he will share the computer room and exercise equipment with other inmates that will eventually land themselves in this high-security facility. As you can see, each room has a very solid lock, so I guess he will be on a timed schedule.

        1. The Baron

          Re: Anders Breivik

          Rune, thanks for this information - that could certainly be a factor. I understand that speeding in Norway can also carry a fine of up to 10% of your annual income...

      2. Thorne

        Re: Anders Breivik

        "The justice system in Norway is generally aimed more at rehabilitation than punishment for punishment's sake, as I understand it. Interestingly enough, the reoffending rate in Norway is around 20%, compared to around 50% in the UK or around 60% in the USA. Now I'm not suggesting that there is a direct correlation between having nice prisons and not reoffending - there are many other factors involved - but still, makes you think."

        He can be rehabilitated? The guy is a whackjob to the Nth degree. They should have sacked the police who arrested him for not accidently shooting him while trying to escape. He surrended just so he could stand up in front of the press and preach his message.

        1. The Baron

          Re: Anders Breivik

          No - I very much doubt that Breivik can, will, or should be rehabilitated. To be clear, I was responding to a post about why conditions are as they are in typical lower-security Norwegian prisons, not making a specific point about Breivik.

          Sacking the police because they didn't break the law seems... well... I'm not sure you've necessarily thought through the consequences.

    4. FartingHippo
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Anders Breivik

      "Life in a Norwegian prison doesn't seem to look like punishment to me!"

      Looks a damn sight more comfortable than an airbed in an Ecuarorian embassy.

    5. Richard 120

      Re: Anders Breivik

      Fuck, I've somehow ended up in the daily mail comments pages.

    6. Psyx

      Re: Anders Breivik

      "doesn't seem to look like punishment to me!"

      To be fair, the pictures don't adequately illustrate the violent sodomy endured by offenders.

    7. Dave 15

      Re: Anders Breivik

      Good to remember, I am compiling a list of the best places to get locked up, it forms the basis of my pension plan... eat drink and make merry now, do a bank heist - then I have two options - one is it is successful and I am set up for life, second it fails and I get locked up in a decent room, warm, sheltered, and fed. There are potential drawbacks to the second - lack of local pub and totty but I am led to believe it is possible in some prisons to enjoy some visiting totty and they can always smuggle some beer in with them

      1. graeme leggett

        Re: Anders Breivik


        Have you been reading Raffles? He seemed to have the right idea.

        On the debit side of his character he did leave his friend Bunny in the lurch for a few years. On the plus side, he did save aforesaid chum when the latter was shot by a Boer at the cost of his own life.

      2. foo_bar_baz
        Thumb Up


        Nordic prisons give you holidays for non dangerous inmates. Do a non violent heist and you'll be visiting pubs soon enough.

    8. 100113.1537

      Re: Anders Breivik

      Breivik will be in solitary confinement so unlikely to suffer from fellow inmates anger, but these are images from the high security jail he will in - not quite as nice as the images linked to above:

      1. James O'Shea

        Re: Anders Breivik

        That room's bigger and has better furnishings than my room at uni did, and I PAID FOR THAT ROOM. On the other hand I did have a key to the door...

  3. Thomas 4

    I do love the newspapers in the UK

    "We have a right, nay, an obligation, under the freedom of the press to show everyone pictures of Prince Harry cupping his droit de seignuer. This is isn't seediness damn it, this is a MORAL IMPERATIVE for us!"

    1. SuperTim

      Re: I do love the newspapers in the UK's what Piers Morgan, Kelvin Mckenzie et al all started and which has eagerly been taken up by a new breed of editor, pandering to the LCD's of this society (Lowest Common Denominators). If I had the opportunity to get those two in a room, then the newspapers may actually have some reporting to do!

    2. Rampant Spaniel

      Re: I do love the newspapers in the UK

      Exactly. They aren't newspapers, they are trash mags. The fact that a 27 yr old prince decided to play strip billiards in a private hotel room is none of our business. Anybody who actually wants to see ginger nuts needs their head seeing to.

      I can understand them complaining about being stopped from printing stories about dodgy expense claims, wikileaks cables and sexed up iraq wmd dossiers, wait, whats that you say? They WERE allowed to print all that? How come when they are so castrated by oversight?

      Trashmags are in the business of selling whatever the biggest number of people will pay to read \ look at pictures. I guess the fault ultimately rests with the chumps who will pay for and therefore create the demand for, such ridiculous breaches of personal space. It gets even worse, when real celebs get better at keeping their lives private, media invents famous people whose only claim to fame is they are happy to have their private lives splashed over the 'news'. If your only claim to fame is a willingness to get completely pissed and have pictures of your madge pasted all over blogs and tabloids perhaps you need to reconsider what you are doing with your life, if you are interested in reading about it, you are to blame for just about everything.

      1. Mike Flex

        Re: I do love the newspapers in the UK

        "Anybody who actually wants to see ginger nuts needs their head seeing to."

        And if you've missed the pictures here they are.

        (Come on, you knew that was going to happen. Don't tell me you actually looked.)

    3. Dave 15

      Re: I do love the newspapers in the UK

      It has the advantage of keeping the stupid and ill educated (though highly qualified) masses entertained (probably with their hands on their naughty bits) while the politicians happily shaft us all over sucking vast amounts of money from the poor and quantitively easing it into the pockets of the already super rich :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Human beings treated as, err, Human Beings!

    My goodness, call the Daily Mail.

  5. Magani
    IT Angle

    Who gives a rat's scrotum..

    ... what testosterone-fueled junior members of any royal family (Brit, Scandinavian or ????) do?

    If I wanted salacious gossip, I'd buy Hello or others of that scandal-sheet ilk. The fact that it was also plastered over FaceTwit is, at best, drawing a rather long IT bow even in the El Reg Odds&Sods section.

    1. foo_bar_baz

      Re: Who gives a rat's scrotum..

      I think the Norwegian case was about security implications of using newangled tech. Perhaps I just over analyzed and it really was just teen celeb gossip.

  6. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    "Potential drawbacks of sharing too much info on social networks"

    "Potential" being the key word there.

    The security services are by nature meant to be paranoid but it can become a contagious cancer where people continually live in fear of existential threat. Of course some people do make enemies and it's not paranoia if they are out to get you!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The US and British armed forces have imposed restrictions on the use of mobile phones in war zones because of the danger that geo-tags might easily give away the location of soldiers."

    If you don't know how to disable said feature, maybe you should consider having a digital camera without the feature?

    1. Richard 12 Silver badge

      There's more to it than geotagging

      Background details will give approximate location, and foreground may give precise coordinates.

      Plus, they are supposed to be working rather than taking photos anyway!

  8. This Side Up

    Why do we get so hung-up about nudity in this country?

    If Harry want's to get his kit off, so what? There's no need for the UK media to get into headless chicken mode about it. If he invites a few hot chicks up to his room for a romp he shouldn't be too surprised if one or two of them have smartphones with cameras.

    PS do hotel rooms usually have billiard tables?

    1. ravenviz
      Thumb Up

      Re: Why do we get so hung-up about nudity in this country?

      Prince Harry's hotel rooms can have whatever he wants!

    2. Jumble

      Re: Why do we get so hung-up about nudity in this country?

      I'd assumed that strip billiards was a euphemism.

      1. Psyx

        Re: Why do we get so hung-up about nudity in this country?

        I'm just appalled that he was clearly so shit at it!

        The idea is to get the OTHER person naked.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Why do we get so hung-up about nudity in this country?

      I am pretty certain that if a royal was ever photographed in flagrante with an unwilling goat, middle England would rise up and condemn the press for its old fashioned and prudish attitudes to fucking farm animals. But they'd buy the paper anyway.

      I wonder whether you'd be so charitable if an MP or minister got photographed acting like this on a tax-payer funded jolly?

      We're often told that our minor royals are ambassadors for British industry. Well, having compared Britain's yawning trade deficit and moribund economy against Germany's booming industry and massive trade surpluses, I'd say perhaps its time for us to follow the German model and get an old bloke who nobody knows the name of as head of state. And then start making some decent cars.

      1. Rampant Spaniel

        Re: Why do we get so hung-up about nudity in this country?

        Actually no. If the royal was caught shagging a goat, that is newsworthy. If an mp was caught in a hotel room with nekkid ladies, thats still an invasion of privacy, assuming they were of age etc.

        If it isn't illegal or contrary to their statements then it isn't newsworthy. As much as I think Prince Harry is a grade A tit, he deserves privacy just like you and I do.

        The press bleating about censorship is bollocks of the highes order. It isn't news they are being stopped from printing, its shyte. They want to print as much sensationalist, made up, shyte as they can. They aren't interested in keeping the government, other governments or companies honest by uncovering actual scandals. They want to sell pictures of tits. The phone hacking scandal shows exactly how low they will stoop to invade peoples privacy. A large portion of the blame must fall on the morons who buy the tatrags in the first place.

        As for your fix for the economy, sounds pretty much bang on. It would only work if our unions held down wages like the German unions did over the past 10 years though (not a bad thing, it worked very well for them).

  9. John Lilburne

    Teens are dumb shits ...

    ... they anonymously upload photos of their faceless body bits to flickr, and wikipedia, complete with GPS data which when fed into Google maps will put a little arrow over their bedroom.

    1. Smithson

      Re: Teens are dumb shits ...

      You forgot the "or so I hear" on the end there.

  10. Gordon Pryra

    Hes not even Royal ffs

    Who cares what some ruby players son does in his spare time on our cash?

  11. Mike Flex

    *teen royal* in fresh photo uproar

    "Høiby, the son of Crown Princess Mette-Marit from an earlier relationship prior to her marriage to Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon,"

    Hence making him non-royal as can be seen from his Norwegian Royal Family web page where he is plain "Marius Borg Høiby" rather than the other princes and princesses listed.

    Anyway, this has been a brief moment of sanity and I now return you to the pages of Majesty magazine ("the Quality Royal Magazine"), sorry, el Reg.

    1. Gordon Pryra

      @Mike Flex

      Out of the two "princes" being talked about in the above comments, which one has some link to a well known rugby player? Both from past news and when he looks in the mirror?

      Ill give you a clue. There is no ø in it

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm not at all a fan of the trash newspapers, but I think that restricting the freedom of the press when it comes to the "royal" family is not good.

    Don't people have a right to know that he seems to often act like a douchebag?

    Does his (Harry) behavior make you proud to be British citizen?

    Icon Paris... because that her kind of thing... but its an anon post.

    1. Rampant Spaniel

      Was he acting like a douchebag? I don't think its a case of protecting royals, but a case of granting them the same rights we should all have. The right to a private life. He was doing nothing wrong. Now if he was snorting coke off a 13 yr old hooker and wearing an SS uniform, then thats newsworthy. Playing strip billiards is not.

      A certain son of a fascist motorsports bod was caught by a tabloid in a compromising video with vaguely germanic military undertones, the courts said it wasn't public interest, so how is it different for the ginger tit?

    2. Mike Flex

      "Does his (Harry) behavior make you proud to be British citizen?"

      I wonder why he let someone else take pictures in his hotel suite.

  13. jake Silver badge

    Awww! Ain't the iFad Generation cute?

    When they grow up, there will be mass suicide when they realize how stupid they were to broadcast their personal private minutia to the planet ...

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      When they grow up ?

      Surely you mean "if" they grow up.

  14. This post has been deleted by its author

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Joke alert

    I blame Prince Charles.

    If he'd been around at conception, this would never have happened.

    Seriously though. Let's say I was at a party, and I came to get a photo of some 24 year old girl. Would the Sun say my attempts to sell the photo were cute? Most likely, I'd be in jail.

  16. Robert E A Harvey

    "a potentially significant security lapse."

    "pinpointing the location of royal relatives in near real-time, a potentially significant security lapse."

    only for an assassin with a time machine

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Am I alone in thinking

    he should be made King?

  18. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    The lot of them.

  19. dharmaseal


    Who gives a care about 'royals'. What's the fascination? Are they all descendants of Mary Magdalene?

  20. k9gardner

    Not "Norway's teen royal"

    You can't be "Norway's teen royal" and "not himself a prince" at the same time. He is in fact, by definition, NOT a royal. Rather misleading headline, given that. "Member of the royal family" might be more appropriate. And the mistake he made was not something I'd call "user error," either. Since most of the apps that chug these photos around do not reveal that they are holding and transmitting this metadata, it is very easy to overlook or be unaware of this fact.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    guess this kid is gonna get a more age appropriate lesson on how he is better and more privileged then the rest of us. Seriously, killing royalty went out of style ages ago unless you still rule a country.

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