back to article Upstart DEY touts Facebook-style storage for all and sundry

Data juggling upstart DEY Storage claims it can bring Amazon, Facebook and Google-style storage to businesses with a silky software coating. Why bother paying any attention to it? Well, DEY has just raised $3m in seed funding from the great and the good including Seagate boss Steve Luczo and Virtual Instruments CEO and ex- …


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  1. Mr Anonymous

    Another ZFS software supplier.

  2. Andrew Baines Silver badge

    Just in time

    For WIndows Storage Spaces?

  3. Code Monkey

    Are DEY Scouse?

    DEY do doh don't DEY doh.

  4. Graham Bartlett

    Caroline of Brunswick and the Dey of Algiers

    Lord Norbury: "She was happy as the Dey was long."

  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    Richard Branson will be keeping track of them on twitter..... surely as knight follows DEY.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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