back to article AuthenTec sells out to Apple to the sound of 1,000 lawsuits

The $356m purchase of AuthenTec by Apple has not been universally welcomed. Not only are analysts and potential rivals trying to piece together the logic of the deal, but investors and, more importantly, class actions lawyers, are trying to work out if the 60 per cent trading premium that the deal is set at, was sufficiently …


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  1. Jim McDonald

    The article seems quite clear that Apple are *very* keen to incorporate AuthenTec's IP into upcoming products.

    Given the animosity between Apple & Samsung (aka "Thermonuclear war") I would say if Samsung coughed up the $10.95M cancellation fee and then slapped a better offer on the table it could have a massive disruptive effect on Apple and their plans, whatever those are.

    1. a_been

      Or Apple could just pay more. It's not as if Apple can't buy Samsung, Apple need $50-60 billion more to buy with cash so say 9-12 months from now. The problem is Samsung or anyone else dosn't know what Apple are planning, so do you outbid Apple just for the sake of it? I think this has something to do with NFC and paymant systems but what are they planning?

      You can't just outbid Apple whenever they choose to try to buy a company, that is reactive and a waste of money since Apple can just come back and offer you newly aquired emploess a $1 million signing bonus. You have to have a plan and be willing to fail now to succed later. Or as Samsung do, willing to get fucked later to get in a position where it dosn't matter.

      Given how Apple seem to work, im sure they have 3 back up plans. I really admire both companies, both are ruthless when it comes to business though they work in different ways. I suspect Samsung will become much more Apple like and that will be fun to watch, I think the Chinese copycats are going to be seved a lesson in business by Samsung and Apple will be the first trillion dollar company.

      OK they need to come out with an iPhone click /iPod XL /iPad mini/nano/whatever but as it is said we live in interesting times. Will Samsung become the Sony of the 80's, I think they could, fuck knows what Apple could do as they have already moved beyond Sony.

  2. banjomike

    AuthenTec has only quarterly revenues just over $10bn - wrong

    Last quarter, AuthenTec logged revenue of $17.5 million.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: AuthenTec has only quarterly revenues just over $10bn - wrong

      Shouldn't have been possible to type that sentence without alarm bells going off. $10b/qtr is huge, GM-scale. $365M would be an insanely low price for something that takes $40b/yr. Obvious inconsistency.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: AuthenTec has only quarterly revenues just over $10bn - wrong

      And you didn't see the 'send corrections' button at the bottom of the article?

  3. Juan Inamillion
    Thumb Up


    ...interesting article. There may be some points that may need addressing but, a seriously interesting article...

    Time to think about buying Apple stock again...

  4. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge


    More time and money wasted on rights restriction systems. Yawn.

  5. MrF

    If 'we' cannot see the point in instigating further bids...

    ...then 'we' (read: the author of this execrable excuse for an editorial) are a mouth-breathing moron and a total waste of said oxygen.

    Immediately after hearing Apple's offer, if you are the CEO of Authentec the very *first* thing that should go through your mind is, 'Hang on a second -- why the sudden, extreme interest?' That's simple due diligence.

    Anything less is dereliction of fiduciary duty if not actionable, per se.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: If 'we' cannot see the point in instigating further bids...

      <sigh> Isn't the innanet wonderful ? Only place (OK apart from AM radio) where some random dude can assume he's smarter than the CEO and entire board of a company that just brought in the mother-load for their investors.

      Newsflash genius. The CEO already _knew_ why Apple were interested. It's his job to know and it's also his job to shop his company and their wares around to anyone who might take an interest. It's also his (or her since I confess I don't know) job to know the current value of the company. It's also the job of Apple's M&A people to know how much over the top of that value they have to pay in order to clinch a deal.

      Oh and if you want to go sidewalk lawyer, you should know that 'dereliction of fiduciary duty' is _always_ actionable (that's why the class action lawyers are circling doofus), it's just tough to prove in some cases and I'll stick my neck out here and say based on my second paragraph, pretty unlikely in this case.

  6. Grom_uk
    Big Brother

    Re: Your rival may get many more viewers by NOT banning it

    There are no rivals in tv and film. It's a monopoly. If you want to see a particular film or to a lesser extent tv program, you go by the rules of that one studio.

    Thats why tv and film from the web is so messed up, until they start to give blanket rights to distibuters we will never have competition. (think music industry 10-15 years ago)

    Do you think all the studios would rollover if you just said "Hi I would like to offer your whole back catalogue, and that of all your competitors, for one blanket fee for which I will give you 50%. Is that ok?"

    LOL your feet would not touch the floor on the way out.

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: Your rival may get many more viewers by NOT banning it

      There are no rivals - except the pirates, and of course then you don't need all of this technology to 'allow' you the watch the stuff you just paid for, you can watch it anywhere.

      Really, in a number of ways I support the TPB simply because the low bar to accessing 'pirated' material has, or hopefully will, make the content industry realise its not so precious after all and that if they want my money they have to make the experience of legal purchase easy and effective for me, on any of my devices.

      Does any one out there really want stronger DRM to be baked in to the hardware and further restrictions on what you can and cannot do with YOUR hardware becoming the norm? Screw you Apple!

  7. BuyDRM

    Factually Incorrect Article

    The author missed the mark several times in this article. Authentec only uses Arxan for key obfuscation. Arxan didn't design all the other components of Authentec's Downloadable DRM Fusion product. Arxan didn't design the methods Authentec uses to manage keys or play content either. This really shows the author doesn't understand the technology or the marketplace. Furthermore if the author knew what he was writing about he would know Arxan in turn uses's products. They don't own the IP. BTW there's several other competitive vendors in this marketplace including Discretix, Saffron Digital and BuyDRM.

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