back to article Ridable giant robo-bug creeps, crawls toward reality

If you have long-term ambitions to pilot a giant six-legged mech walker, then pledge your support for Project Hexapod and its two-ton robo-bug, Stompy. The fully ridable machine was dreamt up a couple of months ago by robo enthusiasts Gui Cavalcanti, James Whong and Dan Cody, who are now seeking to raise the wonga they need to …


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  1. Thomas 4

    Assuming this thing gets built

    I'd *really* like to see Kickstarter try and take their 10% off these guys.

  2. Graham Bartlett

    Wild Wild West

    Is there anywhere for a wheelchair?

    1. Uwe Dippel

      Re: Wild Wild West

      Absolutely! I thought exactly the same. And moreover, we could doubt the patentry.

      1. Ramiro

        Re: Wild Wild West

        Yeah, me too! Though the first thing I thought was -- THE SCIENCE OF HIDRAULICS!

  3. Dan Paul
    Thumb Up

    It needs two more legs and some big fangs

    We need an "Ocotopod" not a Hexapod. Claws on the end of the feet for grasping onto buildings and a really strong winch and cable arrangement.

    Then I'll put it on my bucket list.

    1. Thomas 4

      Re: It needs two more legs and some big fangs

      Well, if you wanted to go with a scorpion vibe, you could go with a couple of the "Jaws of Life" cutting tools fire services use. I'm open to suggestions on what to do with the tail, although part of me keeps saying "minigun" over and over for some reason.

      1. Qwelak

        Re: It needs two more legs and some big fangs

        NO, not a minigun it should have a frikkin laser

      2. Dan Paul

        Re: It needs two more legs and some big fangs (think SPIDER)

        I was aiming for the spider mecha in the Will Smith Wild Wild West movie without using that phrase (Eight legs and fangs) I thought that was close enough of a reference. The Scorpion tail does have a nice look but too derviative of a recent Transformers flick

        What I really want is a Mech Wars anime type unit that gives me a nice airconditioned bulletproof chamber on a bipedal mecha and all of that anime firepower. That's not asking too much is it?

        And screw the "frikkin lasers", gotta have GE Vulcan Mini-Guns, THAT's the ticket (Except they have to be the 25mm depleted uranium, tank busting version)

        A bank of 105 MM anti-tank missles would be "EXCELLENT" (said in that sneering Mr. Burns bad guy voice).

  4. Bodestone

    A little cheeky

    Saying they dreamed it up recently when there has been an awesome hexapod in active service for at least 5 years:

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A little short on cash right now...

    My hollowed out volcano took a lot more cash than I was expecting (I got into a heavy bidding war against some 1%ers looking for a spot to stash their cash). So I'm a little behind on my plans for world domination. Once I replenish my funds, I'll take 100 of these... they will look awesome coming out of the volcano towards any superhero that attempts to thwart my nefarious plans.

  6. HMB


    Did anyone else look at this project and think:

    "What this really needs is a giant brain shell for the passenger compartment that really looks like a big giant brain"

  7. E 2

    I will only buy it

    if it comes pre-equipped with a minigun and dual side-mounted pulsed plasma rifles in the 50MW range.

  8. Chrome

    Anyone fancy starting a Kickstarter for a really big swatter?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sorry, pass

    I have supported several Kickstarters - I'll pass on this one. The Kickstarters I've supported have all involved me getting something for my money - a watch, a game, a gizmo. What this Kickstarter offers is.... bragging rights. Even at the $300K level, do *I* get one? For keeps?

    I wish these guys well, I hope they get their funds, I look forward to seeing the video - and if they then do a Kickstarter to take their prototype to mass production, maybe I'll kick in.

  10. kourgath

    Not prior art...

  11. Kevin Johnston

    Hmmm 'recently dreamt up'

    So not influenced by the 1963 General Electric four legged rideable beast then? I recall footage from 80's(?) about an 8-legged spider robot that was also ridable and designed to provide access where a wheeled device couldn't handle the uneven terrain.

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