back to article Oops: Nokia reinstates 'terminated' star app developer

You may think Nokia needs to keep all the app developers it can muster loyal to the company - but last week it terminated VIP privileges for a star Symbian programmer. Nokia has since changed its mind. The brains behind the highly regarded Gravity application, Jan Ole Suhr, was one of a number of Symbian coders who discovered …


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  1. Schultz Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    It's just sensible...

    ... that Nokia tries to get all innocent bystanders off the burning platform(s).

    1. garyc2011

      Re: It's just sensible...

      does that include windows phone ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    There seems to be a common theme where Symbian related announcements are concerned - announce that something is dead or cancelled then immediately backtrack on the decision once the "unforseen" and "unexpected" negative public opinion floods in, which quells the adverse media coverage, but by then the damage has been done (and the intent of the original announcement thus achieved).

    It's hard to imagine these being genuine mistakes given the level of incompetence required.

    Cancelling (then reinstating) the Symbian Champions has now very effectively (and slyly) got the message out there that Symbian developers are no longer welcome at Nokia, without actually saying as much.

    Anyone thinking of buying or supporting the 808 PureView will probably now be having second thoughts. It's utterly bizarre how Nokia conspire to undermine their own products in this way.

  3. Carlos.

    What a mess

    I used Gravity by Jan Ole on my N97 and N8, and what he was doing in terms of usability and UI was light years ahead of any socials apps that Nokia themselves could develop in house.

    It's a shame that Nokia keep shooting themselves in the feet.

  4. etabeta

    WP8 is going to be a failure

    ..along with Win 8. And it seems like Nokia and MS are doing everything possible to make it an epic FAIL.

  5. asdf Silver badge

    ruh roh raggy

    >He notes that a stable development kit and software interfaces are still missing in action.

    Wow its really looking grim for Nokia then. For Microsoft they will be ah darn another failed platform/technology (WM, Kin, Silverlight) we will abandon and use as a tax write off to offset the billions that continue to roll in off Windows/Office. Nokia is learning why Sendo is no longer with us.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is he bothered?

    Being told by today's Nokia that you are no longer one of their preferred developers would just save him the trouble of telling them so himself.

    It must feel like being dumped aged 13 by a girl you were never going out with in the first place.

  7. mrweekender

    So let's get this straight....

    Microsoft are releasing a platform without a stable SDK and yet they're pinning their hopes on Windows 8 being a great success, to ensure future market share. Excellent strategy.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So let's get this straight....

      Every product they have put Metro on users have complained and now it will be on everything; servers too.

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