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I’m on a roll. Well, a streak, actually. That’s what Nike calls it when you hit your activity target for three days on the trot. The Nike+ FuelBand aims to get you fitter by scrutinising what you do. Nike+ Fuelband activity monitor Motion carried: Nike+ Fuelband activity monitor The theory is that by keeping tabs on how …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stop cycling, start watching the gymnastics instead

    If this thing works by hand movement instead of heartbeat, then cycling would not be picked up... do a 50 mile ride and you may have well stayed in bed based on your activity score.

    1. Shagbag

      Re: Stop cycling, start watching the gymnastics instead

      I've just been watching some internet-enabled video content and my Nike Fuelband says I've just swum the Atlantic.

  2. Bassey

    No mention of whether or not, like Endomondo, for example, you can manually add activities that the bracelet would miss like swimming, cycling, gymn work etc. I suppose it is designed more to get the in-active off their posteriors though. If you already cycle/swim regularly then this probably isn't for you anyway

  3. Joe K

    Is this a joke?

    £139 for what is little more than a pedometer?

    Or can it do GPS, which means it could track cycling & running like a Garmin can?

    A review should really spell this stuff out.

  4. Bob Fish

    Jesus f***ing H Christ

    What the hell is wrong with just getting out there and DOING EXERCISE? Have we become such a society of weak willed, tech dependent pathetically undisciplined numpties that we need devices to tell us when to exercise, and how much? Is it really the case that without this people won't realise they need to be healthy? Get up off your lazy arse, have a look in the mirror, check if you're still FAT and then go and do something about it!

    I really do despair sometimes.

    1. Michael 47

      Re: Jesus f***ing H Christ

      Chances are, if someone is a "weak willed, tech dependent pathetically undisciplined numpty..." then they won't own one of these. But for those that do excercise, is there anything wrong with using tech to measure your energy expenditure and spur you on to greater achievements? I think having little achievements etc helps turn excercise into a game and make it more fun. I can't see any way that is a bad thing.

      Also a troll icon for you, you miserable git

    2. Bassey

      Re: Jesus f***ing H Christ

      "What the hell is wrong with just getting out there and DOING EXERCISE?"

      Actually, as well as being a grumpy, mean spirited little shit you are also just plain wrong. EVERYONE uses goal/reward based incentives for excercise from the very best elite althletes right down to your couch potatoe who has finally realised that shooting pain across the chest is probably a sign they should move a bit more. Do you think Bradley Wiggens just looks out of the window of a morning and thinks to himself "You know what, I fancy a bit of a bike ride today"? Of course not. He has training plans, mileage and wattage targets and, ultimately, his reward was a brightly coloured jumper but that is not a million miles removed from a flashing green light or a "Goal reached" message on an OLED display.

      There is NO WAY I could do the training I do without targets to meet - both short and long term. And trying to suggest that people are in some way doing something wrong or naughty just because they want to incentivise themselves towards a healthier lifestyle is perverse in the extreme.

      Do those rewards/incentives have to involve spending £140 on a fancy bangle? No. Is there anything wrong with spending £140 on a fancy bangle (if you can afford it)? Absolutely not.

    3. Annihilator

      Re: Jesus f***ing H Christ

      Hark at you Mr Motivator. It should occur to you that, yes, some people do need help in terms of getting out the door to do something, especially if coming from a position of general unfit or unhealthy lifestyle (hint, people work longer hours, spend more time at their desks than at any point in history).

      Exercise from this starting point gives *very* little short-term reward. It's probably about 4 weeks of exercise before you see any improvement, both in terms of weight loss or the exercise becoming any easier. That in itself is hard to get over and at any point in that 4 weeks it's all too easy to give up.

      If gimmicks or gadgets help people get over that hurdle, then great. Where do you draw the line of this gadget, or £100 pair of trainers with air bubbles, or £50 per month gym memberships, or a raquet that's not made of wood and catgut?

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Jesus f***ing H Christ

      Well hark at you, Cadel Evans. You seem to be a little insecure about using instrumentation or data recording to track and improve performance.. Just keepin' it real, huh?


    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Jesus f***ing H Christ

      I use a Garmin GPS watch to indicate to me whether, and by how much, I am ahead or behind the pace I have entered in order to compete (usually 10k) races in my target time. It does the job brilliantly. People can certainly run, and run a lot faster than me, without any technology, but the right technology can certainly help make achieving goals more measurable and achievable.

    6. Shagbag

      Re: Jesus f***ing H Christ

      If you watch Team America: World Police, I think you'll find that it's Jesus T*tty-f***ing Christ.

  5. Silverburn

    3 days on the trot

    Training 3 days in a row - wise/unwise?

    Personally, my plan (and chosen sport specialisation) means 3 days on the trot is unachievable, from a results perspective.

    If I reduced intensity (and variety), I could do 3 days - or even daily - but from a training perspective I'd just be doing "Diary Roughage".ie all bulk, no quality. And it would bore me.

    1. Bassey

      Re: 3 days on the trot

      I believe, in this case, the test was only to complete 10,000 steps a day - which is kind of an averagely active day. You wouldn't necessarily need to "train" to acheive that. Just avoid sitting on your arse all day (okay, easier said than done, depending on your job).

      And yes, whilst I always recommend other people only train every other day there are sports/endurance events that require training every day - albeit at a reduced intensity. I always marvel at the LA-to-NY footrace guys who average 42 miles a day for 70 days without a rest day. Overcoming boredom is a part of the challenge for ultra-distance events.

  6. Tapeador

    F*** off £140 quid! (£165 on Amazon).

  7. pditty

    Broke immediately, support ignored me for weeks.

    I got one when it firs came out in the US. I really like it, except that it sometimes comes loose (unclipped). I always noticed this, but always waited for the time that I *don't* notice it.

    The odd thing is that it fits fine (I used the sizing guide), and it comes undone during mundane things like carrying food into the house. No problems when running etc though.

    Mine died after 20 days. It won't charge, but boots up when plugged in. I went through the support links on the Nike website and received an auto reply that I'd hear back in 12 hours. After about ten days of no response, I started emailing Nike in the UK and US about 6 times or so. 3-4 days later, still nothing.

    I posted on the Nike+ Facebook page asking why their new flagship toy broke right away during normal use, and I was being ignored by support.

    Got an email 15 minutes later about my case. Funny that.

    Anyway, still broken. I need to sent it in.

    1. pditty
      Thumb Up

      Re: Broke immediately, support ignored me for weeks.

      I should say that it doesn't do any GPS etc.

      It counts steps, counts calories and "nike fuel points".

      Basically, it logs all movement / activity 24/7 and uploads it to the website. It visualizes how much of your daily physical activity goal you have achieved.

      Also shows the time. Nice watch actually.

    2. Henry Blackman

      Re: Broke immediately, support ignored me for weeks.

      You could, of course, have simply called them. They have european phone support who would have arranged a replacement over the phone. Simple really.

  8. JDX Gold badge

    Not waterproof?

    It looks like it should be and if it's showerproof I think they should have gone that bit further.

    1. Henry Blackman

      Re: Not waterproof?

      It's water resistant - AKA you can shower with it, but you can't swim with it.

  9. Robin Bradshaw

    See its innards on youtube.

    Mikeselectricstuff has an excellent teardown video of this on youtube here:

    Its a fantastic bit of design although im not sure its worth the asking price.

  10. Want one

    I really wanted to get this, however, I am not the only person who wants one. I have to wait several months because it has been back ordered.

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