back to article Cisco blends server with a twist of flash, tastes benchmark glory

A server's job is to run applications as fast as it can, and it looks like flash memory is becoming an essential ingredient in the race for speed. Server-maker Cisco has just bagged a VMmark benchmark for doing just that – in its case using networked Violin Memory flash storage – paving the way to all performance-focused servers …


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  1. Morg

    Yet again, another stupid retarded benchmark from one of the big players.

    A Violin Mem V6000 costs about $500k

    A 2-socket server can be had from $5k

    And a Cisco Server 2S using a Violin Mem V6000 scored good points . lol - Given the price they should at least try connecting 100 servers to it for a comparison that is not completely retarded.

  2. Pondule

    Way higher?

    11.30@10 tiles is way higher than 11.13@10 tiles(DL360pGen8)? I'd call that just a little bit higher, not way higher.

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