back to article 'Proud' RIM supremo survives shareholder showdown

Research in Motion faced some seriously ticked off shareholders at its annual general meeting yesterday, who received little in the way of comfort from the BlackBerry-maker's board. CEO Thorsten Heins and chairwoman Barbara Stymiest told the gathering that RIM was staying the course of strategically reviewing itself, cutting …


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  1. Paul 75

    What he really meant was

    "The change in timeline is not related to the quality of the platform nor the architecture nor the functionality,"

    "the delay was due to software integration taking longer than the firm thought it would"

    The quality, the platform, AND the architecture are all fooked concurrently :)

    1. LarsG

      Re: What he really meant was

      That's it then

      RIP Rim

  2. jai

    technological and business transition

    sounds like RIM thought "well it worked for Nokia, surely it'll work for us too"

    1. Jeebus

      Re: technological and business transition

      Shame they have also decided to arbitrarily remove the original meaning of the word "worked" and replaced it with the Nokia equivalent.

  3. Mark Dowling

    board re-elected

    One of those "activist" shareholder blokes complained that they didn't bring new/better people onto the board. Here's a tip - NOMINATE SOME.

    If I was there I would have addressed the Board as such - "hey fellas, when you guys initially announced BB10 you managed to make people think no keyboard devices would be launched. The backlash was swift and large. Even now you are still on track to launch touchscreen-only first, a device which irrespective of its merits will be written off by the likes of "Boy GeniuApple Report" as the third/fourth/fifth best touchscreen OS on the market (BGR will probably include Firefox Mobile along with iOS/Android/WinMo just because RIM doesn't make them feel special). Your failure to indicate a cost effective migration path from BES to Fusion isn't helping either, notwithstanding non binding sort of/maybe indications that there might be a way to transfer current "perpetual" BES CALs to BDS."

    I have 130+ BBs in my charge. Zero touchscreen devices, because I get the models my users need. They type emails and manage their calendars. We uninstall Wikitude but install Blackberry Mobile Conferencing and Blackberry Travel. If they want to play Angry Birds, they make enough money to buy themselves an iPad (but since we're nice guys we leave Brickbreaker and Word Mole on there).

    On a positive note, if Playbook is an indication, QNX will be a much nice OS for updates than the painful Java-BBOS. Update an BBOS app forces a reboot? In 2012?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    "chairwoman Stymiest"

    Some people like to prevent actions from people being taken. Some people go so far as to outright stymie them. But some people - the elite few - are the Stymiest of all.

    Perhaps the board needs to look inward for problems with decisionmaking, eh?

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