back to article Analysts hail Burma's untapped IT goldmine

Forget China, Burma could be the next big growth market for IT investors as long as the country continues its political and social reforms, according to IDC. The analyst’s latest report, Myanmar ICT Market 2012–2016 Forecast and Analysis, predicts 15 per cent year-on-year growth in IT spending this year, with the market …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New dead souls assylum found, usual suspects agitated, news at 10

    Right, military dictatorship, no unions, minimal daily wage roughly in line with the price of a McDonalds happy meal (in its cheaper days) and most importantly - no accountability and a whole raft of local "law enforcement" lined up ready for a wad of cash to look elsewhere.

    I love the smell of "Dead Souls" early in the morning, it smells like... Profits...

    Of course there is a lot of agitation in a particular part of the IT community the part of the "IT community" which is salivating at the sight of a new place where you can move an arbitrary amount of money from left pocket to the right pocket by having 10 Dead Souls for every "real" IT worker.

    Someone should go to Gogol's grave and listen if the giggling and laughter can be audible above ground. It is quite entertaining how the seminal work of the father of Russian comedy and satire about the fraud and embezzlement in the 19th century Russian civil service still applies to "cost saving" operations in "technology intensive" industries.

  2. banjomike

    Oh good...

    somewhere else to outsource help desks to.

  3. Don Jefe


    I sometimes wonder about the West's "commitment to democracy & freedom". Are we promoting democracy for its intrinsic value or so that we can cram consummerism down the throats of "free" countries.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sad

      That depends.

      If the country is a consumer of goods and natural resources we support democracy all right. That's profitable.

      I cannot think of a single instance of where the "West" has supported democratic leanings in major suppliers of resources, goods and labor.

      100+ years of Banana republics (thank you O' Henry for coining this marvelous term), 40 odd years of propping Saudi and their smaller Gulf bretheren, our "support" for democracy in China and now out of all Myanmar. Yep. We support democracy all right. Unless there is oil, trinkets or helpdesks involved.

    2. Christine Hedley

      Re: Sad

      There does seem to be something distastefully unethical about making cost savings by outsourcing labour to countries where the sort of working conditions they endure were rightly outlawed in the West long ago.

      1. mhenriday
        Big Brother

        Not to worry, Christine -

        those working conditions that «were rightly outlawed in the West [whatever that is] long ago» are coming back, as trade unions are crushed and «venture capitalists» no longer are confined to deciding things behind the scene, but can push one of their own front and centre. But of course,as our house historian and ethical guide Phil points out in his inimitable style, it's all China's fault, as that country has «never [been] one to worry too much about human rights violations or international sanctions», unlike, say, the US in Chile, Nicauragra, Iran, etc, etc....


This topic is closed for new posts.

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