back to article Mega French operator SFR prepares to slash another €500m in costs

French operator SFR plans to cut costs by at least €500m (£398.5m) next year, according to union sources, and that's in addition to the €450m in cuts already in process. SFR isn't the only French operator who'll be shedding staff next year, Reuters reports that Bouygues will be laying off 556 people from its telecoms unit as …


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  1. Yamas

    It just makes sense, things have being going not so well for the french operator. That said, pass over du Pain, du Vin, and du boursin please!

  2. Nev Silver badge
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    They've had it too good for too long...

    All-you-can-eat national/international voice calls were well overdue.

    Thanks to Free/Prixtel et al they are now standard packages.

    They'll have to do some more belt tightening when forced to do the same for data and roaming.

  3. Barry Mahon
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    I've had SFR (takeover of Neuf) for about 6/7 years, and since early on had free national and international landline calls, what's this 'overdue' thing?

    I now have (for €29 a month) 2Mb BB, phone with no extra charge national/international, and tv, including HD. from SFR. (I paid €40 for the box). I've also got a mobile for free with 10 mins a month credit, although this is no longer on offer. I could have no charge to French mobiles for €3 a month.

    No monthly rental, I have what the French call "ADSL nu" (nude ADSL), where they take over the FT line and link me to the SFR net at a regional point.

    Not bad, and now that we have even more competition, the latest SFR offer is fibre for €39/month.

    The customer service is so-so, not much personal service, and it costs €0.35 a min.

    Not sure where the savings will be.

  4. Nev Silver badge


    The article is about mobile call costs. Which have been pretty high in France up until now.

    (I've had an SFR mobile for 16 years. They've had 1000s off me over the years.)

    French Broadband is basically a fixed cost. (~30Euros) And all the operators lump in "extras" they you may not like.

    Prixtel, which is a low-cost version of SFR/Neuf (with a rebadged Neufbox) are one of the only ones to offer a broadband-only tariff (19 Euros) without all the "free" land-line calls and bundled TV.

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