back to article DDoS blackmailers busted in cross-border swoop

Chinese and Hong Kong cops are hailing another success in their cross-border cyber policing efforts with the scalp of a high profile DDoS blackmail gang which targeted gold, silver and securities traders in the former British colony. Six cyber hoodlums were arrested on the mainland in Hunan, Hubei, Shanghai and other locations …


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  1. Anonymous IV

    DDoS on the cheap?

    £46K doesn't really seem to be a very large blackmail amount. Perhaps these "hoodlums" (hoodies?) need some financial education from a Diamond geezer?

  2. Alan Brown Silver badge


    "A source also told The Standard that some of the victims may have been involved in some shady dealings themselves, which made them more reluctant to seek police help."

    Am I the only one unsurprised by this? Metal dealers everywhere seem to be uniformly willing to look the other way in exchange for offering far lower payments.

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