back to article The changing skills sets for the private cloud

According to Lucas Searle, head of private cloud at Microsoft UK, as the cloud brings increased automation and more efficient delivery, it also shifts the IT focus away from just keeping the infrastructure going. Traditionally, comments Searle, IT departments are silo-based, and as a result their focus is on technology, …


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  1. Cloud_Zone

    The word isn't important but the principle is crucial

    It’s an overused word but does this not just come down to ‘dynamism’? Maybe you would prefer the word ‘agility’? Whichever word you use IT departments have to be able to change and supply apps which their customers want quickly. This is all the same thing as consumerization, the reason for shadow IT and goodness knows how many other buzzword led phenomena. The fact is that IT departments have to learn how to wing it!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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