back to article AMD palms PCs with LiveBox miniature desktop

AMD is making a splash at Computex this week with its own mini PC setup, the AMD LiveBox. Powered by one of AMD's X86-based Fusion chips, the LiveBox boasts 1GB of RAM and Radeon HD 6200 graphics. The model on display features 64GB of SSD storage, which can be expanded through the Box's memory card reader. One standout …


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  1. CompuGuide
    Thumb Up

    Ubuntu, Mythtv & XBMC

    Looks great! - I'm looking to upgrade from my ageing Acer Revo 3600.

    Hope they supply a cheap version, without Windows, so that I can load it up with Ubuntu, Mythtv & XBMC

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Ubuntu, Mythtv & XBMC

      I've just jailbroken a Apple TV 2 and put XBMC on it. My HTPC is now redundant!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Ubuntu, Mythtv & XBMC

        Are you getting 1080 out of it? I thought I heard they were limited to 720 - that could be dated information though...

  2. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge


    Who will be the first to build a cute little cluster of these (just because we can). Could fit quite a number in a cupboard.

    1. Code Monkey

      Re: Cool!

      As long as you've a second cupbaord for all the power bricks ...

  3. JetSetJim Silver badge

    Too sticky-outy

    Would've preferred the plug pins to stick out from the big flat side, rather than allowing the device to protrude so far from the wall - easy to damage when kicked (accidentally) in this configuration. Other than that, I'm liking all these new teeny-but-powerful new devices coming out.

    1. Simon Harris Silver badge

      Re: Too sticky-outy

      Well, since they put on that sticky-out mains plug, it might be quite cool if it had an option for mains-based networking and/or X10 (or similar) control built into it.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Too sticky-outy

      "plug pins to stick out from the big flat side" (AKA, stomach or back)

      but how will you reach the switch? for that matter, how will they account for the switch? Any way, I wouldn't plug it directly to the outlet, instead I would plug it to an extension cable; easier to reach that way.

  4. James 51
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    Next generation of nettop?

    Looks good.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have a feeling I'll be able to get a hold of one of these before a RaspberryPI.

  6. Matt 52

    Pins on the case? Stupid idea - means multiple redesigns for international sale as in most countries equipment must be sold fitted with the right pins for that country's sockets, no adaptors allowed

    1. Stoneshop Silver badge


      No need if the plug is like this:

    2. Neil 7

      Agreed about the pins - bad idea

      Pins on the case most definitely are pretty stupid - much better to replace them with an IEC "figure of eight" connector, then just pop the right cable in the box. This would also mean that customers don't have to plug it directly into a wall socket (with all the clearance issues that would entail) - I'd have this tucked away inside my media rack (running XBMC on Linux, fark Windows!)

      I suspect it could really do to lose the 64GB SSD storage, and just boot directly from USB memory stick or SD card - hopefully bare-bones units will be made available. Without the SSD, this will hopefully retail for well under $100 - will have to if it hopes to compete with Apple TV and other ARM-based products. Add in the 64GB SSD and it will at least double the price.

  7. Flocke Kroes Silver badge


    Windows would double the price. If they want to sell this, they have to find manufacturers and distributors that do not depend on Microsoft.

    1. Dave's Jubblies

      Re: Price?

      Really? they could sell it for 30 quid???

      Cos that's what bulk sellers will be paying for windows licenses...

      1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

        Yes really

        £30 bulk price. Retail price would be a little higher. Retailers would not sell on the Windows license at cost either.

        The real danger to this product comes from the channel. You are required to pay at least £200 for a no-margin computer with no useful software. They only tolerate that price because they expect to make some money on the software. Microsoft will not need to bury this product - the channel will do that for them.

        Here comes the small cheap computer again. Blink and you will miss it.

  8. tempemeaty


    That little computer has my Mini-ITX PC's beat by a long shot. I just have to have that!

    1. P. Lee Silver badge

      Re: WANT

      So close!

      Another step in the right direction, but no esata so no mini-server duty. USB is not enough for multiple HD recording/streaming.

  9. banjomike

    No sign of Windows 8 ...

    Why on earth would they even WANT to use Windows 8? I don't know a single person. whether nerd or pleb, that intends to use Windows 8, ESPECIALLY those who have tried the various previews.

  10. Gannet

    Zotac Zbox?

    The Zotac Zbox nano AD10 bare bones has been around for a while. Based on the AMD E-350, supports up to 4GB of RAM, Radeon HD 6310 gfx. It's 5"x5" with 100mm VESA mount (handy for bolting to the back of your screen.

    No SIM card slot, but you could plug a dongle into one of the extra 2 USB 3.0 ports, it also has eSATA and wifi.

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