back to article 'Six-eyed' robot to tour National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia will trial a mobile robot as a way of facilitating more student visitors to the institution. Around 90,000 students visit the museum each year, but Australia has more than four million students across all tiers of education. Most are at least 300 km from the Museum's Canberra home. The Museum …


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  1. Brent Longborough

    Why do I think of a "Bull in a china shop"?

    For some naughty reason, I just find the idea of an autonomous Dalek wandering round a museum full of delicate and precious objects a bit laughy-scary...

    1. Sir Sham Cad

      Re: Why do I think of a "Bull in a china shop"?


    2. crisis

      Re: Why do I think of a "Bull in a china shop"?

      Then that lead to someone asking the inevitable ..and how does it climb stairs?

  2. Martin Budden

    Five or six?

    "The bot in question, visible in concept design at right, Basic robot design for the National Museum of Australia will boast six Ladybug2 cameras."

    "The project will take images from the five Ladybugs mounted horizontally atop the bot’s central stalk"

    Well, which is it ?????(?)

    1. Alan Newbury

      Re: Five or six?

      Number six is a dummy - which implies Number 5 is Alive

    2. Simon_Sharwood_Reg_APAC_Editor (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Five or six?


      sloppy writing by me - I hoped the illustration would explain it.

      There are five horizontally-mounted cameras in the pentagonal thing on top of the stalk, plus one more at the top.

      I should have explained it better.

      Note to self: do better.


  3. FutureShock999

    Sure they will need more guides...

    Sure they plan on adding more human guides...just like they planned on introducing more weavers when they put in automated looms, and just like they planned on adding more auto workers when the added the assembly robots in Detroit, and just as they planned on keeping aircrews constant when they added glass cockpits and more automation in planes. Riiiiiight......

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