back to article 'Facebook ads are very boring and not very imaginative'

This was the week when investor interest hit ever higher feverish pitches as (not sure if you heard about this or not) Facebook prepares to go public. The temperature rise was enough for the issue to get oversubscribed, giving the social network the room to raise its valuation even more: to a mind-boggling, eye-watering, pants …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    NHS 2000% over

    my company tried charging the NHS £20 each for (bulk lump of !) printer rollers, luckily for them I did a little haggling on their behalf and got us down to £1

    AC cos i want to keep my job

  3. Colin Millar

    Biggest pump and dump in history?

    At current facebook profit rates $104bn will take about 400 years to return.

    Someone is gonna make some serious money here but I wouldn't want to be left holding the shares at the end of it all.

    1. Anonymous Coward 15

      Re: Biggest pump and dump in history?

      I'm reminded of an episode of the Simpsons.

      "But I have 52 million shares! What's 52 million times zero?! And don't tell me it's zero!"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton



    1. Mr Young
      Thumb Up


      Making me laugh like this isn't doing my bladder any good you know?

  5. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Boring adverts are great. They fade into the background and then don't even get noticed.

    There are many people for whom advertising doesn't work, I'm one of them.

    1. Martin

      Oh yeah?

      What sort of phone are you using? How did you originally hear about it? Could it possibly have been due to an advert?

      What TV programs do you watch? How did you hear about them? What films do you see? Were any of them based on trailers you'd seen previously in the cinema?

      Same applies for more-or-less everything in this world.

      Like it or not, advertising is a fact of life, and it works on everyone.

      1. tfewster Silver badge

        Re: Oh yeah?

        Sorry mate, I don't believe direct advertising works on me either. If it can't engage my Interest, or even Awareness, it's not going to produce a sale.

        It so happens that I have an iPhone; The first one I got was a 3G, so I didn't fall for advertising hype. When I started looking for a replacement (smart) phone for my previous 5-year-old phone, I did my research and got something that "just worked" - in my considered opinion, and to the disgust of my Android-bearing peers.

        True, I had to be aware that a variety of smartphones existed, but that didn't come from looking at ads.

        TV? Mainly recycled comedy. Films? Last went to the cinema in 1998. They'll be on Sky soon enough. Games? If they're still selling well 6 months after release, they're probably worth playing. Car? A Toyota Avensis, because taxi drivers regard them as comfortable, reliable etc.

        OTOH, without advertising dollars there would be no WWW as we know it. So please, Mr Advertising Agency Exec, keep pumping out your ads for the 90% who CAN be influenced by shiney-shiney

      2. armyknife

        Re: Oh yeah?

        I bought my phone on the strength of a review I read here !

        I don't have a tv. I don't watch films at the cinema; usually I get around to rated films via reading imdb reviews and buying the dvds cheap on ebay.

        I don't have ads enabled on my browser, live in the countryside so don't see to many advertising hordings, I don't buy any newspapers or glossy magazines and so forth.

        Basically advertising all but passes me by, which is good as I don't like seeing or hearing 'lies' that people are paid to make up.

        In short ad.agencies and their preening egotists belong on a B-Ark with the other useless third. ;-)

  6. ItsNotMe

    Well thank goodness no one lives in Monaco for tax purposes.

    Or Dubai. What's that? They do?

    Mine's the one with the F1 scarf in the pocket.

  7. Dunhill

    do they have advertisements ?? than my adblock is doing a good job ....

  8. TimChuma

    Facebook ads can work

    If you link it to a specific thing to sell such as a direct link to where you can buy the product.

    A friend's business uses it to sell concert tickets and has been doing very well out of it, so much that they have cut back on the amount of print advertising that was costing hundreds of dollars with no direct way of tracking sales from deployment.

    I have also had experience with Google Adsense and AdWords. Not really the best idea to run both on the same site as it is difficult to raise enough profit from AdSense to pay for Adwords. Still doesn't stop Google sending me the "free $100 trial" for AdWords though (you have to through in some of your own money to use it.)

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