back to article Asia Likes Facebook, but friends in China are harder to find

Facebook has added a whopping 20 million users to its South East Asia fan base over the past six months, bringing it ever closer to the magic figure of one billion globally, but Zuck and co. will be jealously eyeing China where home grown rivals continued to rapidly expand their social fiefdoms. Social media agency We Are …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    until they discover that facebook becomes all consuming as it tales over your life and eats into the time of you existence.

    Waiting for that message, hoping to be popular, having thousands of 'friends', servicing their needs for information, harvesting your life to send you adverts and spam and links to......

    Oops, getting a bit carried away there, by hey f*** facebook, I cancelled my account and got my life back.

  2. Long Fei


    How do they know there's 500k users in China? If they use a VPN (as I do), then your IP will be from pretty much anywhere else *except* China.

    Just curious.

  3. An(other) Droid

    I'm waiting...

    ... for people to start wailing about why UK continues to provide assistance to India when there are 46 million Indians wasting time on Facebook.

    1. MrZoolook

      Re: I'm waiting...

      *shrug* We already gave them our jobs...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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