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For fans of the PC series, the first hour of Total War Battles: Shogun - on iOS but coming soon to Android - will be defined purely by what's missing. The RTS gameplay was never going to squeeze onto fondleslabs without hefty distillation, of course. But in early forays The Creative Assembly's first handheld stab at its …


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  1. Shakje


    having to select the command from the bottom of the screen is intended to mirror your role as a general, rather than a god. Not necessarily the right decision, just a guess at motivation...

  2. jai

    really enjoying this game

    Haven't played any Total War games, but friends have raved about them for years.

    Well worth the purchase, both taxing and enjoyable.

    Hope they continue to put out similar titles in the future.

    1. Inachu
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      Re: really enjoying this game

      The first Shogun Total war was lame but the second release was awsome.

      I'll have to get this version asap!

  3. JDX Gold badge


    I'm just glad to see things start to be sold for a more reasonable price, that can earn proper money for the developers.

  4. Danny 14 Silver badge
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    ingame XP purchasing?

    shamefur dispray!

    1. dogged

      Re: ingame XP purchasing?

      Commit sudoku!

  5. puffspluslotion

    I've got "Fall of the Samurai" installed but have yet to play it. That being said, I though the rest of the shogun series was a bit of a disappointment. It was fun but the limited unit selection and relative sameness of different factions meant it didn't stand up to the likes of "Medieval 2" or the (in my opinion) pinnacle of the Total war games that is "Rome:Total War."

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      (in my opinion) pinnacle of the Total war games

      Third Age 3.1

      I have all versions from the original Shogun to Shogun 2 and the Lord of the Rings mod above is the best version I ever played. My fondest memories of an official release was 'medieval total war viking invasion'

      This Total War Battles: Shogun looks like a different game genre completely. Trading off the old name.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    I missed Empire and Napolean...

    but Medieval II was by far my favourite of the series.

    Up until Shogun 2 came out. And then Fall of the Samurai just made it a million times better.

    What a game.

    By the way, The Creative Assembly have said that they are looking to release an Android port for this app, so all hope has not failed yet for Android users.

  7. Mr Ian
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    I don't understand why someone gave the article such a negative review, so I had to tip the scales. As a huge fan of all of the Total War series, yet not an iOS user, I had to give it a read anyway. It's quite interesting to see what they've done to get around the limitations of mobile gaming... but it still looks pretty good, doesn't it!

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