back to article Telegraph website falls over in outage riddle

The website for UK daily newspaper The Telegraph has gone titsup today, and had been out for about an hour at the time of writing. The site currently returns a 404 error page on all its pages, including the landing page, which says "Sorry. We cannot find the page you are looking for". A request for comment on the outage had …


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  1. Spiracle

    Well I've just been thumbing through it for an hour or so with no problems. I should check your DNS.

    1. paulc


      the website was reachable... it displayed the frame around the normal pages with the Telegraph graphics and menus, just had a 404 error message for every sub section tried...

  2. Lee Dowling Silver badge

    Maybe they use computers they bought from Dixons?

  3. JimboJones

    Hilariously, I'm getting the same for some stories on the reg homepage :)

  4. Gazareth

    I reckon El Reg killed it...

    By linking them in the Aviva story.

  5. Haku


    Slow news day?

    1. JimC Silver badge

      Re: OMG! A WEBSITE IS OFFLINE!!!!!11!!1

      Hearing about stuff ups like that is very good for the morale of those of us who have to keep our employee's systems running with 15minutes an day and a monthly budget of 5 pounds and a Mars bar. Thus its a service to undervalued sysadmins. Sitting down with a beer when someone else is in trouble may be reprehensible, but its also very comforting.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: OMG! A WEBSITE IS OFFLINE!!!!!11!!1

        WTF you get a Mars Bar and money ??

        I need to work fro a betterer company

  6. Kevin Johnston


    This is an important site, where else can you get the Alex cartoon?

  7. LinkOfHyrule

    True story....

    I've just been down the newsagents to buy a paper version but it was just a sheet of A4 with "404 PAGE NOT FOUND" printed on it in huge bold text!

    Bloody print media not understanding the interwebz!

  8. Mike 16 Silver badge

    I was hoping

    that this story was really about a Telegraph Web Site. Something like GreenKeys, but older yet

    "Mr Wheatstone, come here...".

    I suppose that the telautograph would be a better fit for today's graphics-heavy web, though.

  9. itzman

    it was off for me

    from two entirely different networks

    the fashion and dates pages always worked tho.

  10. philbo

    Did anyone else that as "outrage"?

    As I was surfing here and there

    I hit a page that wasn't there

    It wasn't there again, I read

    An "Error 404" instead

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