back to article Sony Xperia P glows for advance orders

Sony's second addition to its NXT range of smartphones - the Xperia P - has gone up for pre-order in the UK with a price tag of £330. Unveiled at industry shindig Mobile World Congress 2012 in February, the Android blower debuts the company's WhiteMagic display tech. Similar to Sharp's yellow-pixel Quattron tellies, this …


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  1. Bassey


    I think this looks STUNNING and the cost is pretty decent too. But a lack of storage (only 13GB available and no SD card slot) plus an old OS is going to make it a hard sell.

  2. Bodhi

    I'll be quite surprised if it launches with Gingerbread as Sony are currently rolling out ICS to its 2011 Xperia line as we speak, with the Xperia S due to get it later this month. If it does launch on GB, I can't see it running it for very long.....

    However, I'm in no rush for ICS for my Xperia S, as GB absolutely flies on it, and I'm struggling to see anything compelling in ICS for now. I'm sure ICS will be lovely when it arrives, but for now, GB is doing the trick nicely.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Barge Phone

    I had an Experia S for a week, I prefer my phones to be shorter that my car. I drive a jeep and practically had to keep this thing on the roof. good job I didn't stick it up there sideways or me 'n the car would have taken off.

    Seriously its massive, nice and thin and all that but longer than my favourite snowboard.

    Its gone back. I am using my old W810i in preference, having already disposed of my HTC Desire, which I think I will probably return to, on a new handset. I really fancied an HTC One X but guess what, its even bigger than the Experia S, LOL, LMAO, colleagues at work laughed at the widescreen TV on my desk.

    Prepare to be embarrassed by your phone, bit like the twats in the 80s with the car battery sized mobiles - rememebr them ? The phones, not the twats carrying them!!

    posted anonymously - damn right - I just know the fanboiz will queue up to flame the luddite!! and I'm not a luddite particularly, I have PCs at home, laptop for games and work (virtual box), phone (albeit a steam powered one right now) and a nice android tablet (Xoom in case you were wondering).

    ITS JUST TOO BIG - not that I ever heard that before.

    1. cortezcortez

      Re: The Barge Phone

      Sony have three of these phones out in three different sizes. It's not their fault you're not clever enough to choose the right one for you.

    2. Bodhi

      Re: The Barge Phone

      Sounds to me like you purchased without doing any research whatsoever, such as how to spell the name of the phone in the first place.

      Deserve everything you get really.....

  4. Darryl

    Are the new Sony Vaios coming with Vista pre-installed too?

  5. Robert Caldecott

    Xperia ICS Update Isn't Great

    If the Xperia ICS update is anything to go by then stick with GB until Sony iron out the bugs. Gaming is a frustrating experience with many users complaining of issues with touch controls and others are having WiFi problems. I myself cannot play popular games like Angry Birds, Frisbee, etc. for long before touch controls lock up forcing a reboot!

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