back to article Samsung S III to enter Galaxy next month

Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, appears set for launch early next month, with the company now inviting folk to "come meet the next Galaxy" at a London event on 3 May. OK, so Sammy's official blog doesn't detail which new addition to the Galaxy family will be on show, but the S III has been seemingly on …


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  1. CraigW
    Thumb Up

    if it bends

    I may wet myself a little bit.

    If it doesn't, I'll probably still get it. HTC have lost their crown to sammy.

  2. the-it-slayer


    Another battery hungry android phone to come to the market? Shame.

  3. gautam

    I want it...

    .....if its available at £18 contract for 12 months!

  4. Piro
    Thumb Down

    Tegra 3?

    Oh dear. I thought with the new dual core Krait, Tegra 3 had been put to rest. Apparently not.

    I don't want a Tegra 3 phone, thanks.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They'd better sort their act out with their OS upgrades soon then. No way I'm buying another Samsung if they still can't roll out ICS on UK open market handsets.

    1. Neoc

      Hang on...

      I'm in Australia and I'm running the official Samsung ICS (Europe version) on a GSII without problems. Why are you having problems upgrading?

      1. Audrey S. Thackeray

        Re: Hang on...

        May be talking about the Galaxy Note, which is still awaiting its (official) ICS upgrade.

  6. EddieD

    This side of the pond?

    As far as I am aware only the USAsians use MDY as the date format...oh sorry, and Belize (according to wikipedia)

    Most folk are sensible and use either DMY or ISO 8601 (YMD) -- nicely heirarchical.

    Just as a btw, I comemmorate 9/11 as the day the Berlin Wall fell.

  7. SiempreTuna
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    Just ..

    .. as I'd decided I couldn't wait and was about to order my upgrade!

    Now I HAVE to wait another 3 weeks!

  8. Lewa
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    I'm interested in the rumour that the S3 will come equipped with inductive charging and NFC. It will ship with ICS I'm assuming, but then my other half's S2 *still* hasn't had his ICS upgrade.

    Definitely worth trading up from a Lumia 800 though.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Exciting.

      Lol - almost any android is a trade up from the Lumia 800.

      Anyone wants to buy mine?

  9. geekclick


    I have been putting off my upgrade for this..... It had better be the SGS3 or Samsung will forever be off my Christmas Card list....

    1. Return To Sender
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      Re: Bonza!

      Yup, me too. I've been entitled to upgrade since Xmas, but waited for the S3. In the meantime the missus has got an S2 (her choice, no pressure from me, she absolutely loves it) and my son's gone for a Note, which is bloody gorgeous but just that bit too big for me. Rumoured size of the S3 is about as big as I'd go for a 'phone. What I really want is the extra screen res over the S2

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    i wonder what ridiculously sized screen this will have...?

    1. Miek

      The more ridiculously sized the better!

      1. the-it-slayer

        You're gonna need a hand-bag for it most likely? I love the way Samsung are telling us the Samsung Note isn't a phone nor a tablet. It can't be both, so what is it? A chunky device that neither fits in your pocket or deserves a dedicated bag.

        Anyway, another device to spirt out more android rubbish.

  11. Irongut


    My original S is due an upgrade, Vodafone tried to palm me off with an S2 a month ago but I refused because I'm waiting for an S3.

  12. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Out of curiousity...

    what are the limitations of / issues with the S II that make the S III so attractive? Honest question- since one would expect this new model to cause the price of the S II to drop.

    @ Lewa - why are you interested in NFC? Are you plotting to steal my credit card details? : D

    1. Peter 48

      Re: Out of curiousity...

      What I would improve on the S2 is:

      1. higher screen resolution so website display better

      2. the ability to run bluetooth and USB connection together

      3. dedicated camera button

      4. use the 2500mAh battery from the Note :D

      5. Better autofocus on the camera, especially when filming + the ability to manually focus and control exposure etc.

      other than that it is pretty much perfect

    2. Stefan 2

      Re: Out of curiousity...

      I'm still really happy with my S2. Nothing has come to market that has given me the upgrade-goosepimples. The S2, when it came out, was a serious "got to have that".

      If the S3 has a 1280x800 OLED screen that doesn't use that horrible pentile matrix, then it has some attraction for me. However, if the battery life isn't improved over the S2, then my interest level will remain reasonably low. The S2's display is absolutely wonderful. Any improvement will be pleasantly appreciated.

      Camera resolution means less than nothing to me. I don't care if I can take a 12MP shot if it doesn't look any better than a 5MP shot. Increase the sensor size and/or just increase the signal-to-noise. Give me 60FPS 1080p recording and 120FPS 720p... that's something I can really use.

      Processing speed... OK, I don't really have any interest in Tegra 3. The Exynos in my S2 outperforms Tegra 2 and I have no reason to believe Samsung would dare release their next evolution of Exynos if it performed worse than Tegra 3 (performance or energy consumption). It does seem to me that my S2 is plenty fast enough, but I guess I would do more emulation stuff if I had a faster handset.

      Stereo speakers would be slightly nice. I do watch movies on my S2 and it's not always convenient to do so whilst wearing earphones.

      Improve the speed of the built-in storage though, that's the only thing that regularly annoys me.

      So, 1280x800 screen, 60FPS 1080p recording and playback, 24FPS native movie playback (just thought of that one), stereo speakers and >10MB/s internal storage.


    3. Lewa

      Re: Out of curiousity...

      It's a gadgety thing more than a genuine use (nefarious or not!)

      I wouldn't need inductive charging either but it's cool. From a genuine usefulness point of view, I'm getting concerned there's rumours of a 4.8" screen, which for my girly hands is way too cumbersome.

      We'll see. If the S3 can do something like distance charging, it would hopefully mean others follow suit.

  13. Peter in Seattle

    So, if things play out like last year ...

    ... it will take US carriers six months to cripple and bloat the OS and Americans should be able to buy a Galaxy S III sometime in November.

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