back to article AWS bids for cloudy SharePoint

Amazon Web Services wants your SharePoint rig in its cloud and has released a white paper telling you how to do it, fast, with Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008. The rationale for the move involves the usual cloud spiel of opex not capex, fast implementation time thanks to the removal of mucky jobs like installing …


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  1. Richard 12 Silver badge

    Hang on, if I'm reading this right

    Then all traffic is bouncing off your own servers going through two VPN connections, inbound and outbound to Amazon.

    If that is the case what exactly is the benefit?

    Running a Sharepoint server can't be that much of a load that swapping it for doubled VPN traffic is a significant saving, can it?

    1. midcapwarrior

      Re: Hang on, if I'm reading this right

      They are talking about a complete hosting of all three tiers of SharePoint. You keep the AD on prem for authentication. Benefit is in the elastic scaling in theory.

  2. El Limerino
    Thumb Down

    Also -- EBS does 100IOPS, and even's own IT department doesn't recommend running more than 100GB of SharePoint on EBS... just check out their white paper on it.

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