back to article Valve seeks geek to design 'platform hardware'

Valve has hinted it is building its own hardware platform, possibly to tie in with its Steam online games service, after reaching out for an experienced electronics engineer to help with the project. "We’re developing hardware to enhance [gaming] experiences, and you can be a key part of making that happen," reads a post on …


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  1. Lockwood

    They'll create V1 of it.

    They'll create V2 of it.

    They'll create V2r1 of it.

    They'll create V2r2 of it.

    One thing that has amazed me with Valve is that they do this great software, and they're wanting to work with hardware, yet they cannot count above 2!

    Also, please insert your own joke about how small that device looks, Gabe's fatrolls and needing a Search & Rescue team. I don't want to delay Ep 3 by another month, so I'm giving you guys the tools to do it yourself!

  2. Silverburn


    Bin this bollox and get back to HL3/2.3 please!

    1. P. Lee Silver badge


      If both MS (and Apple) got their act together, Steam would be in trouble. They are both pushing online stores which eventually they'll probably get right.

      It makes sense for steam to try to get into the under-the-telly position before Apple and MS do. Neither of those two are just in the OS business anymore so steam can't rely on not having its undelying platform competing with it. It would be good to have always-on ARM system coupled with a more powerful PC.

      That said, +1 for next HL 3

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    I've said it before and I'll say it again : I have had nothing but an excellent experience with Steam in general. It is user-friendly, there are good deals to be found, it is robust and doesn't bother me, and it survives hard disk changes and OS wipes/reinstalls/upgrades without any complaint.

    I have tried other platforms and they are almost universally trolling the sewers next to Valve (EA Games, I am looking VERY HARD in your particular direction).

    If Valve manages to put out some hardware to go along with its service, I'm willing to consider it favorably. That said, I fail to see just what kind of hardware Valve could put out that would be any kind of use. USB disk storage is already widely available, Valve will not replace my ISP and I already have loads of hardware on my PC for what I need. If it's just a dongle, I will be quite disappointed.

  4. SminkyBazzA
    Thumb Up

    As long as I still use a keyboard and mouse, I'll be happy. Also, HL3 first please.

  5. yossarianuk

    What OS will run on it ?

    Apparently Gabe is interested in improving the Linux platform....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What OS will run on it ?

      I thought Linux was flawless and therefore unimprovable.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: What OS will run on it ?

        Oi, El Reg!

        We need an "Anonymous Trolling" icon!

    2. Martin Lyne

      Re: What OS will run on it ?

      It will* be a streaming platform, like OnLine.. so any. Moble, Linux, anything the client will run on.

      Imagine being able to play footie manager 2012 on your tablet.

      Imagine playing skyrim with your saves while you're visiting your mum.

      I always wanted Steam to hook up with OnLive, this will probably be even better

      * - might

      1. Oddb0d

        Re: What OS will run on it ?

        A reasonable guess except Valve's also looking for a Mechanical Engineer and a Firmware Engineer, that suggests something more interesting is in the pipeline. Who knows maybe they'll include a Grav Gun with HL3 pre-orders?

      2. P. Lee Silver badge
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        Re: What OS will run on it ?

        Streaming games would be a massive h/w investment in GPUs, plus they would have to buy the games themselves. I can't see even ipad owners shelling out £50 for software they never see and which will disappear if Valve go belly-up. Its a great idea, but I think its still too great a leap forward to work at the moment and the link speeds aren't high enough in enough places to stream HD video.

        I reckon they'll go for the itunes market of tv episodes and download films. It's much closer to their current operating model and an always-on device would allow you to "order" shows and get them "pre-loaded". If Raspberry Pi can get a unit out for £25, then the tech is cheap enough to have a tiny STB. All you need is x264/mp4 decoding and a bit of storage. Dump all the intelligence in a web, phone or tablet app and off you go.

  6. Daniel B.

    Valve hardware

    It won't have a power cord. It won't need it, because it will be powerd by Steam!

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