back to article Yahoo! countersued! by! Facebook! in patent! spat!

Facebook has launched a patent counterattack on agitator Yahoo! The social networking giant has not taken kindly to its web rival's patent volley in the final weeks before its IPO: it has denied any infringement of Yahoo!'s intellectual property and is counter-suing using ten of its own patents. "From the outset, we said we …


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  1. Gio Ciampa

    If IBM owned the patents (up until the other day)

    Why did they not sue Yahoo for infringement?

    Just a thought...

  2. richard 7

    Get in there fast.

    Seing as the banks prove it was ok to sell unethical and useless insurance policies I'm going to deploy my own cynical attempt to cash in on this sillness.

    Ladies and Gentleman

    I bring you Patent Infringement Insurance(tm)(pat pend)

    Someone sues you for millions over a questionable patent and we'll take a look, find some weasel words to get out of paying and you can carry on as normal. It'll make your CFO SOOOO happy knowing that in theory you wont get sued*

    * Subject to terms and conditions, we will not pay out on days including the letter Y. Customer should have higher rate/hr than IQ...

  3. ratfox Silver badge

    No U

    Welcome to America, Facebook.

  4. Marcos Scriven

    Please! Can! You! Drop! The! Exclamations! Now!


    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Please! Can! You! Drop! The! Exclamations! Now!


      1. Rob Beard
        Thumb Up

        Re: Please! Can! You! Drop! The! Exclamations! Now!

        I! Say! Keep! The! Exclamations!

        It's a sure fire way of knowing it's a Yahoo! Article!

        Bit like how they put ....bitch on any Facebook article :-D


    2. rtli-

      Re: Please! Can! You! Drop! The! Exclamations! Now!

      Eventually! you! get! used! to! it!

      You! even! come! to! like! it!

      Like! Stockholm! Syndrome!


  5. Ian Rogers

    It seems money is knowledge

    So, you can buy some patents from another company and then act all hurt and pouty-faced 'cos someone else copied something you did from before you even existed.

    You know, the US patent system seemed so perfect up until now but this appears to be ever so slightly out of kilter.


  6. Keep Refrigerated

    Hate the patent system but...

    Can't help but smirk at Yahoo! trying to get in on some patent action, grabbing the tail of a sleeping lion and giving it a good yank!

  7. zen1

    I call dibbs

    on the copyright, patent, service mark and trade mark, as well as brand name rights of the letter "O/o" (both upper and lower case). To Yahoo and Facebook: that will be one nickel for every time it's used on your websites. Pay up bitches!

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