back to article Hitachi GST lays 4TB Easter egg

Hitachi GST has laid a nice Easter egg: a 4TB enterprise disk drive and a first at this capacity level. It's HGST's second 4TB product. This 3.5-inch drive technology first surfaced in September when Hitachi GST launched its 4TB G-Drive external Thunderbolt product. Now it has updated its Ultrastar line, jumping from the 3TB …


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  1. Lorddraco

    imagine the rebuilding time

    the larger .. the longer the drive rebuilding using traditional RAID type array....we seriously need a new breakthrough ....

    1. Paul Renault

      Re: imagine the rebuilding time

      Don't use RAID 5!

      Use RAID 10. You don't even notice it when it's rebuilding.

      1. ratfox Silver badge

        Re: imagine the rebuilding time

        Indeed, no RAID 5. See details on BAARF.

      2. Christian Berger Silver badge

        Re: imagine the rebuilding time

        Well at that size you can consider that. After all you do need nearly twice as many drives as with RAID5 or RAID"6". (Unless you have only tiny arrays)

  2. Andy Tunnah

    They've had an internal 4tb drive out a while (albeit not enterprise) in the form of a 5400RPM drive.

  3. Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Way Cool!

    Realistically 20 2U servers in a rack.

    12 x 4TB per server = 48TB.

    20 x 48TB = 960 TB per rack.

    While its a little shy of 1PB, Its still a massive amount of disk!

    1. Pondule

      Re: Way Cool!

      You can cram 70 LFF disks in 5U albeit in slideout drawers rather than all seen from the front, 8 per rack, just over 2PB.

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  5. jonathan rowe

    Don't use RAID1 or RAID5

    Use ZFS with mirroring :) - kill bitrot for good

    1. An0n C0w4rd
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      Re: Don't use RAID1 or RAID5

      or one of the RAID-Z or RAID-Z2 layouts. But definitely make use of the ZFS block level checksums to make sure your data stays intact and withstands most minor read errors.

  6. Nate Amsden

    WD at 2TB

    for the enterprise at least, was looking at them this weekend since I have several of their RE4 2TB disks for my home servers.

    Didn't WD just buy Hitachi anyways ? or in the process of buying?

    1. Ammaross Danan

      Re: WD at 2TB


  7. mhenriday

    Hitachi GST lays 4TB Easter egg

    Did it hurt ? Does this constitute cruelty to animals ?...

    In any event, kudos to the Hitachi engineers !...


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