back to article Acer set to unleash 15in fibreglass MONSTER

Taiwanese hardware giant Acer is set to continue with its plans to target Intel’s super-skinny laptop segment with the launch of a new 15in fibreglass Ultrabook in the next couple of months. Unnamed Taiwanese supply chain makers revealed to Digitimes that ODM Pegatron has been producing the machines since mid-March, and is …


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  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    15 Inch != Ultra

    Personally I would put the limit at 14" for anything to be called Ultra. 15 inch starts to become difficult to put into a certains bags/briefcases, which already have papers/notepads/books in them. 15" is a large piece of equipement, 14" just passes the mark.

    Even if the thickness were reduced down to 1cm for a 17" its sheer area stops it from looking portable, 17" remains in the transportable range.

    15" is the same it doesn't belong in the Ultra range, it will always belong in the portable range due to its surface area

    [I wont bother moving into the Ultra/Ultra range or the Ultra Netbook as I am sure that you have already caught the drift ]

  2. Robert E A Harvey


    And no doubt with a 1400x760 screen

  3. Silverburn

    100,000 units pm?

    Unless this is a '90%+-el-reg-scoring' stunner of a laptop, I foresee more inventory problems for Acer in the near future.

  4. thunder


    But will it last? Every Acer we've ever had at work, plus a couple we've had at home failed pretty quickly, or just before the warranty expired, or just after.

    1. Piro

      Re: Reliable?

      That's because they're cheap junk.

      You're always better off trawling ebay for cheap old Dell Latitudes..

      1. Khaptain Silver badge

        Re: Reliable?

        Definately agree, or if you can up the budget just a little, a 2nd hand Thinkpad.

    2. Patrick R

      Re: Reliable?

      That's why Acer calls it "Enterprise Class", because it has enterprise like cycle of replacement .

  5. James 51 Silver badge

    Some of them are reliable

    My AA0 broke pretty quickly, the screen was extremely fragile. I went from wading through snow to a nice warm kitchen and the screen cracked. Lucky had it insured and was given a D150. It has lasted for over three years including lots of traveling and general misuse.

  6. Neil Lewis

    ...currently sitting at an Aspire 5920 which I've been using regularly for over three years with no problems. It's well travelled, runs OpenSUSE and gets used for development as well as general web/office stuff.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are they going to brand this thing the Scimitar?

    My experiences with Acer are the same, got Ferrari laptop and the screen broke too without any abuse.

    1. Silverburn

      Lucky you - most modern Ferraris just catch fire.

  8. mfraz


    At least that'll mean that I could take it into work and repair the case if it ever crack, or I could replace it with a proper carbon fibre case :)

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Acer didn’t immediately reply

    You might have given them a few minutes, at least

  10. dssf

    I have one of those odd-ball model Acers branded as Gateway

    NV55SO9u, which I bought ~ October 2011.

    It runs mostly quietly, and with 8GB of RAM, runs about 2.5 hours with both PCLOS and VirtualBox running win 7 inside, and it runs faster than my HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx Notebook PC (but which has only 4 GB of RAM and is 17").

    So far. However, what baffles me is that Acer/Gateway did not include an LED to indicate whether or not the caps lock is on.

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