back to article Revealed: Google's SECRET London office

Earlier this week, El Reg got its sweaty paws on some exclusive snaps of the new Google outpost in London's Central St Giles building. Our correspondent noted that some staff will relocate to the new pad from the search monolith's current base in Victoria, but wondered just where the rest of the Google drones would end up once …


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  1. EddieD

    That's better...

    When I saw the first article, I assumed playmobile, and then I thought "strewth - the sets have got better"...

    This is far more like Google - shiny and plasticy

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chocolate Factory

    And I was expecting a picture of that closed down Cadbury factory with Google spray painted over the sign...

  3. thecresta

    Holy crap!

    They've hired a giant Chris de Burgh to protect their booty!

  4. Jad
    Thumb Up

    Friday is here!

  5. Armando 123

    All working for Google?

    I thought we'd all be working for the government within ten years?

    (Although looking at my pay stub, we might be there already.)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Big Brother

      Re: All working for Google?

      "All Working for Google?

      I thought we'd all be working for the government within ten years?"

      Your two statements are not incompatible.

      You will be working for the Government.

      Which shall be Google.

      All hail our newer, darker overlords! "Don't be evil - facilitate it!"

  6. BoldMan
    Thumb Up

    Cheers for the smile on a particularly difficult Friday!

  7. Gordon 10 Silver badge


    beer on me - happy friday.

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Mike Richards Silver badge

      Re: Dublin surely

      Until now they've had a big office near Victoria Station, which if you're ever allowed in has to be the most terrifying place ever (and Lester's photos aren't too far off). Thousands of terrifyingly bright, terrifyingly young people sitting around doing stuff surrounded by old fashioned telephone boxes and beach furniture.

      The food is great though. And if you're very well behaved you get goodies.

    2. jonathanb Silver badge

      Re: Dublin surely

      Yes, the income goes to Ireland, but that doesn't mean the expenditure goes there.

      It I'm sure has absolutely nothing at all to do with the fact that corporation tax in Ireland is 12.5% vs 26% here.

  9. bigphil9009

    Bloody brilliant!

    An excellent Playmobil reconstruction chaps! What, with this and the excellent BOFH, the decent weather outside (in London anway) and the clocks going forward this weekend, it almost feels like the heady days of Summer are just around the corner :-)

    1. Dave Bennett

      Re: Bloody brilliant!

      Clocks going forward means one less hour to get over my hangover :(

      Still, i guess it's better for my twighlight peeping-Tom activities.

  10. Alex C
    Thumb Up

    Nice work chaps :-)

  11. Blofeld's Cat

    Nice work...

    That last picture looks like a set from a breakfast TV program.

    I still miss the hollowed out volcano though.

  12. Trollslayer Silver badge

    It's Friday!

    It's El Reg!

    It's hilarious!

  13. This post has been deleted by its author

  14. Bobby Omelette

    "... we can't tell you exactly where since our informant "Deep Throat" obliged us to swear a solemn oath of silence ..."

    How ironic, given that your informant's pseudonym implies no gagging.

  15. Glenn Charles

    I just have one burning question...

    When is the Deep Throat of El Reg gonna speak??

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