back to article PCIe flash riddle of next-gen HP ProLiant record smasher

HP may have a PCIe flash-based gen-8 ProLiant coming that will be a TPC benchmark record-breaker. This tempting nugget of possible news comes from an HP blogger. Your humble El Reg hack was looking into flash usage by HP and came across this claim in an HP Connect blog entitled Gen8 Dynamic Workload Acceleration: Solid State …


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  1. apleszko

    "#1 spot in the two-processor TPC-C performance benchmark"

    There is a catch that was not explained well on the blog, DL385 G7 was indeed the #1 TPC-C, but only within two socket machines... There is a link to another blog on the right corner that explains where the blogger got the information about this benchmark in the first place:

  2. Neil Barnes Silver badge


    If the two commas were misplaced in transcription, and the result should be 12,079,782, then the number one position would be correct, no? That spare '2' on the end otherwise is a bit of a hint.

    Of course, I should state for the record that I have no idea whether 12 million tpmCs is a good thing, or even what a tpmC actually is...

  3. Lusty

    This was discussed in the gen8 launch, the sas controller and ssd are dramatically different from g7 for this very reason. Longer term they may allow integration with a SAN like Dell will on their new tin with the compellent arrays.

  4. Tony Rogerson
    Thumb Down

    SQL 2005?

    Interesting they are using what effectively is now an old release, we've since had 2008, 2008 R2 and now 2012.

    I'd be interested to know the reasoning.


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