back to article Acer smears punters' lives over iCloud clone for Android

Acer has launched an iCloud-like cloud data-sharing service as part of its PC business re-energising initiative. Consumer users with AcerCloud can now share a content library on their Acer PC with Android tablets and phones across all brands. Acer Windows PC users can share their documents, music, photos and videos across all …


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  1. Jason Hindle

    Clouds are becoming fashionable

    Apple has one, Microsoft has one, Google is one, if you buy a PC or Mac from Currys/PC World, they give a subscription to a cloud of their own....... It's rapidly becoming a crowded space. When will the cloud bubble burst?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      How will they keep up with every make of handset and every version of android? What about phone branding?

      Will it be possible, will there be limits to which phone?

  2. moiety

    Fine. Nice customer service touch...provided, of course, that you can turn it off.

  3. Craigness

    Icloud clone?

    If you're going to call it a clone of anything then why not call it an Ubuntu One clone? They were there before Icloud, as were others. Apple's is the more widely known product but if you talk about other products as if they are derivative only of the Apple product then you get all sorts of ignorant trolls claiming Apple invented the wheel and everyone else just copies.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Icloud clone?

      Ubuntu One? That is far too new to be original.

      If anything we could go straight to iCloud's great grandfather and call this a derivative of Apple's iTools with iDisk, launched in Jan 2000. Quite similar strategy as iCloud, the service came bundled free with Mac OS.

      Not sure if there were other similar virtual "cloud" disk services available to the public before it - obviously I mean outside of keeping a shell/web hosting account somewhere and using it as a server.

      Do let me know if you know one.

      1. Crazy Operations Guy Silver badge

        Re: Icloud clone?

        I remember IBM had a hosted storage setup with their computer rental service they had in the late 70's, early 80's were you could share data between whatever computer you had that day.

        I am a bit fuzzy on the details as I got this info from the salty old Unix guy at work who used to run our company's network and was renting compute power from IBM rather than buying the systems.

        Of course you could always say that NFS (Or its predecessor) was the first 'cloud storage' system.

      2. Craigness

        Re: Re: Icloud clone?

        Metavisor, you misunderstand. It's not about finding the very first and saying everything is a clone of that, it's about not calling everything a clone of whatever Apple's marketing guys have made famous. I mentioned Ubuntu One because it pre-dates Icloud, not because I thought it pre-dates everything. It's as valid to say X is a clone of Ubuntu One as it is to say it's a clone of Icloud.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Never buy Acer..

    ..that's my motto and I swear by it. Cheap crap, with appalling support.

  5. farizzle

    dunno you know..

    dunno about this whole 'allowing Acer to wake my pc up from somewhere in the Cloud' business.. mmmm not too sure....

    1. Crazy Operations Guy Silver badge

      Re: dunno you know..

      Or that they have access to all your documents by default? How long before their systems get penetrated and some hacker makes off with everyone's personal data.

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