back to article Rub Facebook pals in your wealth with 'social' credit card

Those who don't feel they're sharing enough can now sign up for a Citibank Clear.24.7 card, linked to their Facebook account and earning awesome badges of recognition. Not just badges, the Clear.24.7 card offers coupons and the usual loyalty points to Citibank customers in Singapore, but it's the social integration the company …


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  1. Mike Bell

    Golgafrincham B Ark

    These guys must have lost their boarding pass.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Re: Golgafrincham B Ark

      They have their boarding pass all right.

      Now can I have my contents insurance _REDUCED_ because I do not have it.

  2. Chris Miller

    Just what I need

    I've been looking for a way to link every single purchase I make to my Facepalm page.

  3. g e

    F'ing Citibank (bit off topic)

    What annoys me most about Citibank is that's where I have to pay my VAT.

    HMRC have ditched their Bank of England account and gone with Citibank. Nothing quite says 'we don't give a stuff about the economy' quite as much as all the VAT in the country being stored in the USA....

    I'd have thought it was against the national interest to have that much UK money stored with a foreign interest.

    Fail cos well, it's, innit

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: F'ing Citibank (bit off topic)

      That just goes to show that the HMRC are almost as smart as a trained Chimp.....

      What I don't get is why we ever spend government money on foreign imports IF we do it ourselves.. It doesn't matter the cost difference as it gets TAXED again anyway!

      If the gov pay £70 per widget to a non-uk company, there is no tax back... BUT

      If the gov pay £100 per widget to a UK company... it breaks down a bit like...

      £17.33 = VAT paid to HMRC

      £13.89 = Tax Paid to HMRC (@20% Small Business Rate)

      Leaving a real cost of around £69

      So really unless its over %30 cheaper it is deffinately a net benefit to buy British for the Gov.

      And in all likeliness, a lot of the cost would be wages, meaning closer to 30% would be paid to HMRC when it comes to tax/NI.

      Plus as most of the wages would be spent on general living costs causing even more tax deductions...

      1. g e

        Bloody right

        Bombardier & trains, anyone?

      2. This post has been deleted by its author

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @AC Re: F'ing Citibank (bit off topic)

        "If the gov pay £70 per widget to a non-uk company, there is no tax back... BUT

        If the gov pay £100 per widget to a UK company... it breaks down a bit like...

        £17.33 = VAT paid to HMRC

        £13.89 = Tax Paid to HMRC (@20% Small Business Rate)

        Leaving a real cost of around £69"

        You assume that a company in the UK pays taxes. This is not the case.

        Most government services are purchased via PFI which trebles costs but keeps them off books. These deals also mean the government must ensure the company's profitability and the company rinses said profits to avoid taxes.

        Think about it - you live in a country which sold the offices for its own tax revenue collection to a company incorporated in Bermuda FFS!

        The main reason for all this is that it's these companies that can pay for the nice dinners and jollies which civil servants and MPs love so much. The wishes of the electorate are mere inconvenience.

        1. arrbee

          Re: @AC F'ing Citibank (bit off topic)

          Even better, the BoE generates new money from thin air (which it can do because we have our own currency), lends it to banks at 0.5%, and the banks then lend it to the government at 3%

          ( actually they lend it several times over, but lets not mention that because they've learned their lesson and anyway it wasn't their fault and nobody will mind when we have to bail them out again ).

    2. Richard Barnes

      Re: F'ing Citibank (bit off topic)

      HMRC's bank account to receive self assment tax is with Santander, which is Spanish.

      Do you think they've got something against British banks?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More ways to profile someone...

    So here is a new way to publish more intimate details of your life on your facebook page... great idea... Like people don't expose enough of their life to strangers... I bet the big brands are going to love this, more data to crunch and track your habits so they can sell you things...

    I am proud to say my Facebook friends are in low double digits and I actually knew most my Facebook friends in real life first (spouses of friends are the minor exception to my rule)..

    I also try to avoid any of this 'geo-tagging' nonsense. Really, you want to tell people your on holiday and your house is prime and ready for a burglary?

  5. Natalie Gritpants

    I am so confused

    I though you had to be 18 to own a credit card. That advert is clearly aimed at five year olds.

  6. The BigYin

    Who should I rob next?

    Ah, I see Joe Schmoe has just got the "Mega-TV Badge". They must have some nice, nickable stuff.

    Oh look, they're on FourSquare.

    I'll wait until they leave home...

    ...empty house contents.


  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Paul 139

    Advert style seems to indicate the product(?) is aimed at younger teenagers. I'm pretty sure the A.S.A. slapped the wrist (lightly of course, being the A.S.A.) of a several banks a few years ago for pushing 'easy credit' at this demographic. Morality aside, facebook-style data exposure and banking is a combination to make most wince. Prime source of targets for the fraudsters if nothing else.

  9. vulcan

    So where's the vomit icon?

    Only watched the video 1/3 through before feeling the need to talk on the big white phone.

    So glad I'm of the age of 'not understanding'.

  10. Elmer Phud Silver badge

    "I am considerably skinter than yow"

  11. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

    There are just

    sooo many ways that this is going to rebound on Citibank.

    Where's the "sit back and watch the fun" icon? Ah, OK, I found it.

  12. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart
    Thumb Down

    Shiti-Bonk on Arsebook

    Sweet bongo of the Congo!

    Good times, powered by Citi,

    Want a more rewarding social life?

    Yes I do, that’s why I won’t be going anywhere near farcebook, I’ll go to the pub (=bar, merkins) with my real friends or invite them over for a meal or barbecue (yes, there is a difference, we consume a lot more alcohol at a barbecue), neither will I be spamming farcebook with details of my purchases and providing cheap advertising for Shiti-Bank “special” offers.

  13. Paul RND*1000

    Reckless consumerism, Facebook style

    Lottie Cash checked into: Downtown Shopping Paradise Mall.

    Lottie Cash has achieved the following social media awards this week!

    * Runway Star

    * Queen of Diamonds (and other shiny trinkets)

    Lottie Cash earned a +1 bonus on her GULLIBLE RUBE skill in CitiVille.

    Lottie Cash has achieved the following social media awards this week!

    * Silver Merit Badge of Financial Recklessness.

    * Double Platinum Badge of Shallow Consumerism.

    Lottie Cash needs help paying off her credit card debt in CitiVille. Come and join the fun!

    Lottie Cash changed her name to Lottie Unpaid-Bills.

    Lottie Unpaid-Bills has achieved the following social media awards this week!

    * Gold Star Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Global Economic Crisis

    Lottie Unpaid-Bills has changed her address to: my car.

    Lottie Unpaid-Bills is in a relationship: being stalked by Bob the Debt Collector.

    Lottie Unpaid-Bills posted a status update: Looking for someone to help me store all the stuff I bought, my new digs under the railway bridge don't have a walk-in closet. Lucky for me I was able to grab it all before my car got towed away by the repo-depot truck! Yay me!

    Lottie Unpaid-Bills posted a status update: fucking wanker banker just pissed on my cardboard box and told me to get a job. Then he waved a big wad of money at me and laughed.

    1. Frank Butcher

      Re: Reckless consumerism, Facebook style

      I used to work for them, in hammersmith. I dont now. Its all gone downhill since then. I would never have authorized anything as bad as this.

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