back to article 'Regrouping' Android tablet makers extend Apple reign

The iPad 3 will prevent Apple's share of the tablet market from eroding as quickly as once thought, market watcher IHS iSuppli has admitted. Back in February 2011, iSuppli forecast that Apple's share of the tablet business would fall below 50 per cent in 2013. A year on, and it reckons that point won't be reach until 2015. “ …


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  1. mevets

    Love el reg

    I enjoy reading the failed prognostications of iSupply, Gartner, and the like in your journal. Hubris-in-flames is always amusing. Any chance you could find a bright young thing to amass a sort of meta-study of these sooth sayers?

    Being ADD, I would like a simple rating number, a BS-factor, which could be stamped onto any PR from the high tech weathermen. Maybe Gartner, for a fee, would do a report on how accurate their predictions are?

    1. The Baron
      Thumb Up

      Re: Love el reg

      "Maybe Gartner, for a fee, would do a report on how accurate their predictions are?"

      This is an excellent idea! If we all chip in £1 would that cover it?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I'd love to see some kind of record keeping on these delightful chaps with their chipped crystal balls too! How about a yearly look back at the analyst predictions of previous years? It'd make hilarious reading.

    1. Dan 10

      Hmmm, tasty medicine!

      Turn the tables on them using their fabled 'magic quadrant'! X axis is accuracy of predictions, Y axis is volume of predictions. Let's see if they manage to get into the top-right quadrant. Come on el Reg, this could be fun!

  3. W.O.Frobozz


    And here I thought this was going to be the prognostication of someone important I'd immediately recognize and respect...instead it is some "market watcher" (whatever that is) I've never heard of. Someone get me Sybil the Sooth-Sayer, I'd like her opinion as well. And maybe the weather man, too.

  4. Seanie Ryan

    being pedantic i know

    but there is no iPad 3. its just the iPad now, same its just the iMac not iMac 17 , or AppleTV or Mac Pro.

    Good move I think

    As regards the story, if i was this wrong so often in work I would be booted out, how come these guys get paid for saying stupid stuff and then changing their minds when it turns out to be wrong and then get paid for a new report saying something else wrong. Mind blowing

    1. ratfox Silver badge

      Re: being pedantic i know

      The only problem is that now, we have an iPad which is newer than the iPad 2. They should come up with a generic way to call the iPad from last year, since they still sell it, only cheaper. I would suggest "the old iPad", but I doubt Apple would accept it.

      1. Synonymous Howard

        Re: being pedantic i know

        Well IPad HD was being bandied about ... how about iPad Pro or iPad Air or even MacPad, MacPad Pro, MacPad Air or Apple Pad, Apple Pad Pro, Apple Pad Air

        The iPad 2 could be rebranded as iPad Retro or iPad Entry or iPad Cheapskate or iPad (2)

  5. KroSha

    For the 9"+ size, it's fairly obvious that the iPad is the most popular, leading Samsung's Galaxy and Asus's offerings by a wide margin. (A YouGov poll this week found 70% of prospects wanted an iPad)

    Sales of the ~7" are similarly dominated by Amazon, most likely due to the low cost of entry. (In the US anyway)

    However, with Asus's MeMO and the newly announced partnership with Google, I'm curious to see if other brands will move towards the smaller form factor and lower price point associated with it. Could Android 7" tablets be the future for the category, or will they morph into tablet-phones instead?

    1. fishman

      There is also the Barnes & Noble 7" Nook tablet that is selling well.

      I've noticed some of the very cheap Android tablets that are starting to come out now have 7" capacitance screens, faster processors, etc - much better than even six months ago. By the end of the year, "good enough" 7" android tablets will be around $100, and $200 will buy a 7" android tablet with a retina quality display, etc.

    2. a_been

      Well the simple answer is No.

      There is an iPad market and a gadget market, all the 7 inch tablets are fighting over the gadget market. They are basically arguing over who has the best remote control for a Betamax player while everyone else is buying VHS. Microsoft meanwhile will bring in that super great, forget what it was called, system that was almost big in Holland.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's a poor show when you have to regroup

    before fully joining battle

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's a poor show when you have to regroup

      Julius Caesar did and he always won, until that little incident with Brutus.

  7. Tony Paulazzo

    TBH, if Apple force other tablet makers to reduce their prices, I ain't complaining.

  8. Synthmeister


    Let's see, we have:

    1. Two tablet makers selling their wares at cost, hoping against hope they will be subsidized by future sales of merchandise--with razor-thin margins--and somehow raise those 1% profit margins. (Amazon/BN). (Meanwhile, Google is forked out their own ecosystem here--who knew "openness" could be so much fun?)

    2. Two tablets makers going gangbusters in the market because they are selling their devices at fire-sale prices to keep their whole company or division from going up in flames. (RIM/HP)

    3. The most 'successful' tablet OEM who admits that frankly, their tablet efforts, in a word, "suck." (Samsung)

    Yep, that 30% of the non-Apple tablet market is gonna light it up this year!

  9. D. M

    who's fault was that?

    1. We have Android tablet makers who cannot make a sensible device at reasonable price. Who (would be sensible enough to buy non Apple products) would buy a expensive toy at a price more expensive than a decent laptop.

    2. Most people are stupid beyond any hope, they would buy what ever crap Apple sells, at what ever price Apple asks.

    I was looking for a tablet (for possible work use), but the only option would be a crap iPad. I'd better get the new ultra book, the only problem is my workplace may not support it, and the good ultra book are not available here.

    1. Snapper
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      Re: who's fault was that?

      Bitter, much?

  10. daiakuma

    What if...

    What happens if everyone in the next couple of years buys "phablets" (such as the Samsung Galaxy Note and the LG Optimus Vu)? Where will those fit into the statistics? Phablets don't apparently figure in these numbers, but they do compete in this market, and they could eventually kill off the sales of full-sized tablets almost entirely.

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