back to article Virgin TiVo iPad app out in September

Virgin Media will finally release its long-promised TiVo-tapping app for the iPad in September, the cableco's CEO has revealed. Speaking at Cable Congress 2012 in Brussels, Virgin chief Neil Berkett claimed the company is registering new TiVo installations at a rate of one every 15 seconds, Broadband TV News reports. All …


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  1. Alastair Dodd 1

    Android already has it

    but appears to be a HTML5 app that is a tad buggy :(

  2. censored

    They'd be better off fixing the existing Android app

    Which doesn't work on either Android 3 or 4

  3. Jaybirduk

    This is the same app that TiVo USA have had out since Jan 2011, how long does it take to change blue to red?

    I have been using the USA TiVo iPad on my Virgin TiVo for some time and if Virgin are going to stall it for this long it had better have some pretty impressive feature upgrades over the current app.

    I suspect not :(

    Amusing that their new slogan is 'Keep up'

  4. Mr_Happy

    A Whole Year

    Just to change the colour and add a couple of menus takes VM a whole year, they need to get better developers, I'd be shot if I took that long

  5. James 100

    They do seem to be lagging depressingly far behind, except on claimed raw peak bandwidth for their modems. A string of buggy "super hub" releases which still had key features missing, set top boxes which crash and have a power saving "feature" you can't disable or adjust to be less obstructive (at least once a week I get told I can't pause a channel yet because it's gone to an unwanted low-power mode without asking or even telling me) ... I think it's about time I jumped ship back to Sky for TV service at least.

    The phone service works OK, at least, though still charges for 0845 and 0870 calls unlike BT. I remember BT introduced a web access facility to CallMinder, too, though discontinued it for unknown reasons (too useful to customers?) - Virgin should, but don't.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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