back to article Indiana Jones flicks out on Blu-ray this Fall

With Star Wars' Blu-ray and 3D conversions out of the way, Lucasfilm has turned to George's other creation: the Indiana Jones movies. All four will be coming to Blu-ray in the Autumn, distributor Paramount has said - a first for the first three films in the quartet and, some might say, the only ones worth watching. We …


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  1. Tom 15


    Last Crusade is the best of the original trilogy... it's Temple of Doom that should be lost.

    1. Toxteth O'Gravy

      Re: Errm...

      Are you mad? It's terrible. A parody of the previous two, that turns IJ into an idiot second-fiddle to a tedious old git.

      Ex-Bond he may be, but Jones Snr is still an old git.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Re: Errm...

        Yep. First and second: decent fun; third and fourth: annoying bollocks.

        1. jai

          Re: Re: Re: Errm...

          your reality sir is lies and balderdash and i'm glad to say i have no grasp of it.

          Raiders is obviously the best and anyone who disagrees is blatantly wrong.

          Crusade is a close second, the plot, the pacing, the dialogue, it's all perfect.

          Temple is third. It's alright, but whatsherface and the kid are just annoying.

          and Skulls is best forgotten.

    2. Sweaty Hambeast

      Re: Errm...

      Naah... Temple of Doom was the best and wins the award for the most artistic use of a swear word, ever.

    3. Troy Peterson

      Re: Errm...

      You are all mad... Crusade is by far.... far... the best of the bunch. With Raiders a not so close second and Temple a speck in the distance...

      and the skull one isn't worth a mention... I throw up a little in my mouth when I think of that movie.. yuck.

    4. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Re: Errm...

      Exactly right. First and third are the best.

      Is there going to be some George Lucas re-imagining on these releases?

  2. User McUser

    "Paramount promises [...] a few new surprises."

    I'm hoping that when you open the box for "Crystal Skull" it's just empty, save for a short written apology.

    1. deshepherd

      Re: "Paramount promises [...] a few new surprises."

      No ... it will be the collector editon with the disks inside a model fridge.

    2. Tom 35 Silver badge

      Re: "Paramount promises [...] a few new surprises."

      No, they have fixed the Crystal Skull by adding Jar Jar.

      1. Thomas 4

        I like the new scene in Last Crusade

        Where the guy drinks from the fake chalice and screams "NOOOOOOOOOO!" as his face melts off.

        Because I was to dumb to understand that having your face melt off is a bad thing.

    3. seanj

      Re: "Paramount promises [...] a few new surprises."

      A nice thought, but I wonder how many people would actually open that fourth box to find the apology in the first place....

      If you've seen the movie, you'll understand the extraterrestrial connection. If you haven't seen it - don't bother. Really, don't.

  3. Anomalous Cowherd Silver badge


    No. NO! Dum-da-da-dum. There is no second dum. Sweet Jesus man, these things matter.

    1. Tim Parker

      Re: Dum-da-da-dum-dum?

      You're a better man than me, I give up, could never get this right anyway.. which one was it then

      Star Wars or Superman ?

    2. TeraTelnet

      Re: Dum-da-da-dum-dum?

      Not quite - El Reg is quoting the quiet little intro bit that comes BEFORE the main 'dum-da-da-dum'.

    3. Severen

      Re: Dum-da-da-dum-dum?

      Shirley you mean: Dum de dum daaa, dum de daaa, dum de dum daaa, dum de daa daa daaa.

      Which, if you decode the Dums and Des as Dits and the Daas as....... well, Daas, translates as VUV2 in Morse code.

      Now all I have to do is find some way of connecting VUV2 to some fake moon landings and I'm set for the weekend. :-D


  4. Chad H.


    Will Indy be shooting first?

    1. I Like Heckling

      Re: So....

      "Will Indy be shooting first?"

      He already does... they'll probably give the guy with the sword a walkie talkie or something else instead.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    like all speilbergo fillums it takes a few years before you realise they are rubbish. a neat trick.

    1. W.O.Frobozz
      Thumb Down

      Re: yawn

      He's right, you know. I fondly remember watching "Close Encounters" when I was a wide-eyed youngster. Recently I re-watched the movie and came very quickly to the conclusion that every single character in the movie is incredibly annoying, with the possible exception of the French guy.

      It was awful, just awful.

      1. Geoffrey W Silver badge

        Re: Re: yawn

        He's only right up to a point, and that point is DUEL. Stevie baby has never been better. Its been down hill ever since. I still enjoy an occasional watch of Duel even though I know everything that's about to happen.

        1. jai

          Re: yawn

          absolutely right, Duel is a masterpiece

          I must confess to overtaking lorries while going up hills and shouting "Can't catch me on the grade!" at them.

          and then a while later getting nervous and watching in the rearview mirror, just in case...

  6. Seanmon
    Thumb Up


    Crusade was saved by the presence of Big Tam

    " I should have mailed it to the Marksh brothersh."

  7. James 51 Silver badge

    Coming this Fall(!?!)

    At least you used Autumn in the article.

  8. Mike Brown

    how dare you

    "We disagree. The Last Crusade is just as bad as The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, saved only by the absence of Shia LaBeouf and presence of Julian 'Count Scarlioni' Glover."

    nonsence. its the 2nd best one

  9. Gene Cash Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    DAMN YOU, EL REG! Now I'm going to be humming "dum-da-da-dum-dum" for the rest of the afternoon. If I get murdered by my cubemates, it's all your fault!

    Paris, because I'd like to get a hummer from her, too....

  10. Stu 18

    thats all wrong


    Dum da dum dum, dum dee dum, dump da dum dum, dump dee dum dum dum...

    1. Haku

      Re: thats all wrong

      I can't hear what everyone else is typing, I'm having trouble getting the Superman theme out of my head :(

      1. Onid

        Re: Re: thats all wrong

        somehow got stuck with starwars now gotta find Indie to hear what it's tune is like !!!

        me likes in this order 1, 3 ,,,,,,,,2

        there was a 4th one apparently? thanks to mind wipe services ltd it's been erased, - the trama was too great to keep on living with... I'm to refrain from ever attempting to watch that pack of shite ever again.. !!

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: thats all wrong

        daa da da da daaaaa

        daa daa daa

        daa da da da daaaaa

        da da-daaaaa

        thanks for the earworm

    2. Daniel B.

      Re: thats all wrong

      So it wasn't just me that noticed the "lyrics" were wrong!

      Now the problem is that I'm still at the office, finishing some documentation but really thinking a giant boulder is coming after me while I hear the Indiana Jones theme!

  11. Jolyon Smith

    Crusade isn't the best, but it is damned near perfect

    The pacing, the dialog, the interplay between Jones Jr and Jones Snr, the humour, the adventure, the action, the globe trotting, all without losing a real sense of place in time and geography - it is all absolutely spot on.

    So what if Jones Jr is off his game. What CRUSADE reveals to us is the importance to Jones Jr of his father to him. There is a strained relationship between them yet clearly also a great deal of respect and love. A combination that would put either or both into a space other than that to which they are accustomed. And so it does.

    No. CRUSADE isn't the best, but it is perfect.

    RAIDERS takes the crown as the best of the three tho I do have a soft spot for TEMPLE - it went to a truly dark place, but for that same reason some of the silliness was especially out of place.

    And yes I do mean "best of the THREE". SKULL does not even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as RAIDERS, TEMPLE or CRUSADE, unless it is to spit.

    After all, SKULL's single greatest achievement was to give a new generation their own "JUMP THE SHARK"... I refer of course to "NUKE THE FRIDGE" - hence the mushroom cloud.

  12. skeptical i

    But do they come with a beat up fedora?

    Or is that the boffo deluxe collectors' pack?

    We played the Indiana Jones theme in high school marching band (yep, showing my age here) and I can semi-authoratatively say it's "dum da-da dum, dum de dummm, dum da-da dum, dum de dum dum dum" for a bit, but it's the "DUM diddidah DUM DUM DUM diddiDAAAAAAAA" bit later that's the most fun.

    <-- no tequila icon, unless this is a LARGE shot with LOTS of salt on the rim

  13. FozzyBear Silver badge

    Crystal skull

    Thanks to some quick thinking and a bottle of scotch I was able to remove the memory of that movie. I have since replaced it with the south park episode that so eloquently summarised everyone's feelings about that movie and what speilberg/lucas did to a treasured boyhood movie icon.

  14. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Expressed graphically...

    The Trilogy Meter. It seems to be pretty much spot on to me, give or take a touch of fine tuning.

    1. Richard Wharram

      Re: Expressed graphically...

      Most of those are pretty accurate but I still think Temple edges Raiders.

      Star Trek 3 though ? Only just below 2 ? Pfft - 2 is fantastic (and I don't like Star Trek for the most part.) 3 is err... pants.

  15. Richard Wharram

    Crusade was good


    Temple > Radiers >> Crusade >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>








    And no arguing. I'm right.

    1. Jared Hunt

      RE: And no arguing. I'm right

      Downvoted for pig headed arrogance. Your opinion is one voice among many. Unless you were joking, in which case, downvoted for not being funny. ;)

      I agree that Skull was the worst though.

      1. Richard Wharram

        Re: RE: And no arguing. I'm right

        I was just being silly.

        1. Jared Hunt

          Re: RE: And no arguing. I'm right

          Fair enough. I was being a grumpy bugger anyway. End of a long week.

  16. Russell Favell

    I seem to be alone here

    Actually, I'd go Raiders (the first is always the best, see below) > Crusade > Skull > Temple

    Star Wars > Jedi > Empire > Sith > Clones > Menace

    1. Jediben

      Re: I seem to be alone here


  17. Richard Wharram

    You are alone here.

    Empire > Star Wars > Jedi > the other shit.

    ...and Skull > Temple ? What are you smoking ? It must be mind-blowing stuff.

    1. Jolyon Smith

      Re: You are alone here.

      "Jedi > the other shit"

      Sorry, I just can't make sense of this at all... what "other shit". The number of Star Wars movies is 3, and 3 is the number. 4 it is not, neither shall it be 5. And 6 is right out.

      (Pardon my mixing of cultural touch stones)

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