back to article Great Firewall springs a leak: Chinese flood Obama's Google+ page

China’s infamous tool of internet censorship the Great Firewall appeared to fail last week, allowing hundreds of web users in the People’s Republic to access and post comments on US president Barack Obama’s Google+ page. Google’s social networking service is blocked in China – like many other sites including Facebook and …


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  1. Richard Wharram


    Traffic increased 1,000,000 per cent on the network then ? :)

  2. Winkypop Silver badge


    Enough with the democracy already!

    Next thing you know everyone will want some.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Shhhhhhhhhh

      Democracy you say,?

      Certainly, sir.

      How does one intend to pay, tankers or would sir like a pipeline fitted?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not a fail

    Just a honey-pot.

    Now the Chinese know who they need to round-up and "re-educate".

    And will politicians in the West complain or do anything? No.

    Will corporations do anything? No.

    The first are too scared of the debts the Chinese open, and second are too busy benefiting from slave labour. There is a reason your electronics and general goods are so cheap and is because some other poor bastard is paying the price.

    And the FLA (who purportedly inspect sites)? Nothing but a sock-puppet for their corporate members.

    1. the-it-slayer

      Re: Not a fail


      You can't make a developing country into a developed country in 80 days. And slave labour? The Chinese do have a choice for job selection (limited at that), but it gives them more than what they ever had. Before you know it, they'll be developed before the americans can say "oh crap" and then the "slave labour" jibe will go elsewhere as an excuse to fit the unfair and exploited agenda.

    2. CD001

      And will politicians in the West complain or do anything? No.

      What would you have them do, declare war on China to overthrow the government and implement a Western ideology? At best the West could attempt to support a populist uprising against the Communist government - without massive popular support from within China there'd be little chance of victory ... and without that support how would you justify the invasion?

      It doesn't really matter what type of government is in power, it's only there by popular consent... do you really think that the government/military in China would be able to stop 1 billion+ Chinese people from overthrowing them if they really, really wanted to? If those billion+ people were prepared to sacrifice their lives to depose the government.

      There's nothing the governments in the West can, or even should, do - it's not "our" country - change can only come from within.

    3. Notas Badoff

      Re: Not a fail

      I worried about the "honeypot" aspect also. However, note the many comments about just taking a front-row seat and watching what happens. Most are very conscious of the risks, yet some are not. I hadn't realized that there is a 500 comment limit on Google+. Otherwise I would have posted


      (Friends, remember, hundred flowers, be careful)

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not a fail

      "And will politicians in the West complain or do anything? No."

      Let's see Europe do something about it, then.

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  5. Long Fei

    Missed it

    The Great Firewall here has become so bad* my VPN is now always on, hence I actually 'missed' this due to not surfing 'au natural', so to speak.

    *Or good I guess, depending upon which side of the fence you are sitting on. - My life in China

  6. Skymonrie

    I live in China

    It may be a developing country, but it sure has a lot going for it at the moment. There are both exceedingly rich and exceptionally poor people here; everyone, other than gold diggers try to work. The only shortfall is quality, business here tends to reach a certain level of success and then the people who run it don't seem to care as it has made them money.

    This in turn (with a strange logic) loses a lot of customers, loyal customers still pay/go though...Until, the business pushes up the price to deal with a loss of customers which loses the loyal customers at which point the business closes. Very few businesses do any marketing at all after they open. The place I work has paid attention to this "fashion" and my words, it rises like the year this dragon itself is.

    In short, China REALLY doesn't need any Western influence. Please, don't take this the wrong way, people in China laugh at the majority of Americans as both shameless and quite pathetic on their worldly outlook. Happily, I am English though and we as a race are seen as quite proper and gentle when times are warm; purposeful and firm when times are tough.

    After being here for so long, after a lot of reflection, England (that's us) really needs to turn away from Americans quite a lot and rediscover that which once made us a great nation...It's called pride and hard work.

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