back to article Secret high-security Chinese shipments point to iPad 3 exports

Fresh paperwork uncovered in China points to an early March launch for the long-awaited Apple iPad 3 - and apparently batches are already shipping to the US from assembly plants in the People’s Republic. The unnamed deliveries on a logistics form revealed by over the weekend are said to be for international cargo …


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  1. Usually Right or Wrong
    Paris Hilton

    The flights started yesterday

    So the dedicated followers need to get their sleeping bags out pronto and start sleeping outside the stores or the image of the iPad 3 as the most desirable object on the planet will be tarnished.

    Paris, because if I was asked to pick a most desirable object....

  2. ratfox Silver badge

    "Secret coded memo from Apple to Foxconn said to discuss characteristics of iPad 4"

    The iPad 4 is widely expected to start sales around March 2013. According to people who have seen the memo, the iPad may include new features, such as an additional side button and a Kinect-like function allowing to type using sign language. Possibly. And, lessee, a more efficient battery. And a second version with a smaller form factor.

    ...Oh yeah, Apple refused to comment on rumors and speculation.

    1. Dotter

      Re: "Secret coded memo from Apple to Foxconn said to discuss characteristics of iPad 4"

      The second version to be called an iPad 4S?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Re: "Secret coded memo from Apple to Foxconn said to discuss characteristics of iPad 4"

        The 4S will sport mind reading technology and allow users to make gesture actions with their private parts.

      2. Random Coolzip


        Nah, it'll be a 3S instead of a 4. Only incremental improvements, don't'cha know.

  3. the-it-slayer


    Let the anti-applefanboi comments games begin!

    1. Flashy Red

      Re: Way-hey!

      Rise above it, old bean.

  4. CmdrX3
    Big Brother

    Are people so seriously obsessed with this stuff that they are tracking shipping rumours now. I like a bit of tech and gadgetry but my tech horn has not quite reached that level yet...... thank fuck!!!

    1. Sean Timarco Baggaley

      Most people? No.

      The (tech.) media? Yes.

      It's easier and cheaper to just to a Google search every so often and rewrite random rumours on distant web sites than to actually get off your arse and do some journalism of your own.

      Why spend time and effort working to make other people wealthier when there's a perfectly good pub right there across the street from your office?

  5. joejack

    Reminds me of the fake news reports around Christmastime

    "Santa Claus is in the mountains!"

  6. mad_dr

    If the media is taking notice of random shipments...

    I wonder if Samsung has thought of shipping a few random boxes of bricks from China to Apple in the US, labeled "top secret". Might slow down iPad 2 sales during the confusion/speculation...

    No jokes required about how all of the boxes from China to Apple contain bricks anyway....

  7. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Perhaps it's an invasion

    Maybe China has decided to foreclose?

  8. Local Group

    The rumor in California is

    that 28 Apple stores will be convered to P F Chang's and iPads will be for sale at the cash register next to the toothpicks and free mints.

  9. David Hamilton

    Shipping IPads - Slab Transit Monitor

    Aplple has to had to place its own staff to watch over transfers of iPad 3 pallet loads.

    A couple of pallet loads of IPad 3's breezed thru a well known euro hub two weeks ago.

    Apole considered that the threat of theff by anyone without an Apple badge was so high that the load was accompanied by its own staff to guard the precious fondle slabs

    .... A new job is born ... Slab Transit Monitor

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