back to article Cameras roll on 'blockbuster' new Who series

The BBC's spinners have worked themselves into a right state over the news that filming has kicked off on the seventh series of Doctor Who. Viewers are promised 14 "blockbuster-movie episodes" as Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan embark on "their final, rollercoaster voyage" with Matt Smith's Time Lord. Arthur Darvill, Matt …


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  1. FartingHippo

    "some familiar foes as you've never seen them before"

    Cybermen in pink tutus and boas? Cool.

    1. John I'm only dancing

      Re: "some familiar foes as you've never seen them before"

      Or Daleks in drag...sorry haven't they've done that already?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Re: "some familiar foes as you've never seen them before"

        Anyone can make a mistake said the Dalek climbing off the dustbin.

        OK, I'm going.

    2. Andrew Moore

      Re: "some familiar foes as you've never seen them before"

      Cool, Pakistani Daleks....

      1. TRT Silver badge

        Re: Re: "some familiar foes as you've never seen them before"

        No, that's been done already.

        Plus it's kind of a politically charged area - killer robots operating in Pakistan.

      2. Elmer Phud
        Thumb Up


        "Put him in the curry!"

        1. Andy Enderby 1

          Re: Milligan

          Errr...... I think I remember that poping up in the Q series ?

    3. Spudbynight

      Re: "some familiar foes as you've never seen them before"

      The Candyman - COOL!

  2. Aldous
    Thumb Down


    so theres been :

    Spitfires (complete with spinny props) IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    Victorians IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    Pirates IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    Flying sharks IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    Titanic IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    so let me guess it will be

    Cavemen IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    dark ages IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    eqyptians IN SPAAAACE!!!!


    1. Alan Bourke
      Thumb Up


      I care not a jot as long as it continues to feature:

      Miniskirted pouting IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    2. CD001


      eqyptians IN SPAAAACE!!!!


      I suspect the Stargate people might have something to say about that... (Douglas Adams was already dead when they did the Starship Titanic episode).

      1. nichomach


        @CD001 - Whovian prior art @ ?

    3. stucs201


      What about Pigs?

      Oh, wait, Jim Henson beat them to that one.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      No... those would be good.

      What lets the time-travelling space-faring Dr. Who down is a distinct LACK of:

      a) Travelling more than 100 years from the current time.

      b) Travelling more than 300 miles from Cardiff.

      1. oddie


        it's been a standing joke for quite some time just how much the doctor likes current day london :) it was even commented on in the show itself.. somewhere in the current 3rd season I think?

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        "a) Travelling more than 100 years from the current time.

        b) Travelling more than 300 miles from Cardiff."

        One should be careful with such accusations, especially on a tech website where Who fans could be lurking anywhere. Namely that one over there coming at you swinging episode 3x11, where they go to the year 100 trillion... Although admittedly they do start in Cardiff. :P

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          I can't say that I'd be too upset about an obsessive fan picking a hole in my off-hand statistics.

          But nonetheless, DW continues to swan around 20th-21st century London, and that's why I stopped watching it. Heck... even when they do go into spppppaaaaaaccccceeee or time, it's usually a future London, or has a distinctly British feel. Dullllllll.

          1. Richard 12 Silver badge

            That's because the British will rule the future

            We ruled the past, and we shall rule again! Mwuhahahaaa!

            Our main weapon is surprise! Surprise and comedy!

            Among our weapons are comedy, surprise and a flag. Do you have a flag?

          2. Tom 13


            You know, I was going to make that an up vote until I got to "distinctly British feel" and I gotta say as ferkin' 'Merkin, that I would STOP watching the show if it LOST that feel.

      3. Mike Flex


        > b) Travelling more than 300 miles from Cardiff.

        I think you'll find Utah is considerably more than 300 miles from Cardiff.

        1. Tom 13


          It was still distinctly in the 20th century, and that's actually the more annoying part.

    5. TRT Silver badge


      They already did the Egyptians thing with the pyramid base of Lady Cor...blimey, whats'er_name.

    6. The Metal Cod


      We've already had Egyptians in space with the Pyramids of Mars.

      I'd love to see Cybermen dancing down the Fulham Palace Road doing YMCA.

    7. Nigel Smart


      > eqyptians IN SPAAAACE!!!!

      Old Fourth Doctor story of Pyramids of Mars. Not exactly Egyptions, but mummies galore

      : Sherlock since there is no Dr Who icon

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Can we have police uniform Amy again please?

  4. Dazzz

    Good grief, somebody shoot that PR spinner before they start attracting black holes....

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge


      Where they using procrastinators to get the filming done quickly?

      Mine is the one with "Thief of Time" in the pocket

  5. Pinkerton
    Thumb Up

    On the bright side...

    ...George Lucas is not involved.

    1. KirstarK
      Thumb Up

      Re: On the bright side...

      best post ever!!!!!!

  6. Richard Taylor 2 Silver badge

    The seventh series

    So what happened to all of the others for f****s sake?

    1. Jedit Silver badge

      Re: The seventh series

      NuWho has its own production series. Eccleston did S1. Tennant then did three more, and this is Matt Smith's third, so it's the seventh series.

      1. Phoenix50

        Re: Re: The seventh series

        I thought Tennant did four? Or at the very least, 3.5?

        Rose, Martha, Donna, and then the specials the following year? Were they counted as S4 then.

        1. Jedit Silver badge

          Tennant 3.5?

          No - the TV movies were separate productions, not part of a series run, so they don't count together for the numbering.

          It's all needlessly complicated, of course, but if it weren't what would we all talk about while shows are on hiatus?

      2. TheProf Silver badge

        Re: Re: The seventh series

        As far as the BBC were concerned Steven Moffat 'rebooted' Doctor Who. So this is NuNuWho and they've just started filming series/season 3.

        Or series 'fnarg' as The Moff calls it.

        (I think a recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine went to some lengths to muddy the series numbering.)

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Re: Re: The seventh series

          It's not a reboot. It's just following the shows tradition of reinventing itself.

          A reboot (which is what was mooted in the 90's) would see the show starting again. But to give them their dues both Davies and Moffatt have drawn on the shows rich history using everything from Sarah Jane Smith through to a recent reference to the Nimon (which got a cheer in my house).

    2. Killraven

      Re: The seventh series

      Auntie made it clear from the get-go. The originals are "Dr. Who", this is "Doctor Who". They wanted the old and the new to stand apart.

      A semantic, and pedantic, difference to be sure, but that's all it takes.

      1. Derek Currie

        Re: Re: The seventh series

        I also suspect the NuNumbering etc. had something to do with repudiation of the last years of the original series. There were a few absolute winners in there. But in general, the most horrible things you'd see watching Dr. Who were the production values. Why they kept that guy [He Who Shall Not Be Named] as producer is beyond comprehension. Way to tank the show dude! Some of the episodes were positively nauseating in quality. The show literally killed itself, despite explanations to the contrary.

  7. NogginTheNog

    The end of the Ponds

    Excellent, can't wait really - I rather liked Amy at first (and not just for the obvious ginger reasons!) but for me they blew it when they made River Song their daughter - just one twisty plot too far!

  8. Andy 97

    Possibly the best Doctor ever (imho).

    "Why won't you just die?"

    It's so camp now I just wonder why they don't paint the monsters/villain day-glo.

    1. stucs201

      re: I just wonder why they don't paint the monsters/villain day-glo

      Er, they did. Stupid new teletubby daleks :(

      1. John G Imrie

        Stupid new teletubby daleks

        Are actually stupid old 1960's daleks


        1. Eddie Edwards

          Re: Stupid new teletubby daleks

          But those Daleks don't have Vanessa Feltz's arse.

  9. TRT Silver badge

    New story...

    Mid 2012. The TARDIS materialises in mid-flight, on the edge of Earth's atmosphere, somewhere above Spain. Rory sticks his head out of the door to take a look, only to stare stupidly at the two large white objects rapidly ascending towards the space/time machine. Then it hits him.

  10. Daedalus Silver badge

    Bet it's Torchwood all over again

    Just watch: an influx of American money, suddenly the chalk pit is in California and the plots and pacing are pure Jollywood. It's 1986 all over again. Betcha the villain is played by a US actor.

    1. Joefish

      Re: Bet it's Torchwood all over again

      Doctor Who and the Dialects?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bet it's Torchwood all over again

      What influx of American money?

      And what do you mean, "the villain"? It has a different one every week.

      And as for the plots and pacing being pure Hollywood, haven't you noticed that since the show returned in 2005, it's been self-contained 45-minute episodes with 'Previously...' catch-ups at the start of many, 'Next time...' trailers at the end and the occasional two-parter. Just like Star Trek and every other Hollywood sci-fi show.

      There are still people who bemoan the fact each story is no longer spread across two months in 23-minute slices, mostly full of boring filler sequences of people walking along corridors, through caves, up stairs, or just wandering lost calling out for The Doctor. The old Doctor Who all too often felt like you were watching a cricket match. Maybe that was OK at the time, but not now.

      I couldn't go back to that any more than a small CRT TV, VHS recorder with 8-programme timer, cassette walkman or a car with a crank handle.

      The problem with Torchwood was that it was too expensive and too much of an effort for an in-house production. The BBC are happy to make a show like that if they get 13 episodes, but not just 5 to be shown over one week. They leave that sort of thing to independent producers, but the BBC won't hand over Doctor Who or Torchwood to another company. So that leaves co-productions, which often lead to too many cooks with conflicting goals, agendas and internal politics.

    3. Stuart Castle Silver badge

      Re: Bet it's Torchwood all over again

      They've already tried that. it didn't work (at least not in terms of viewing figures). Look at Dr Who, the 1996 TV movie.

  11. W.O.Frobozz

    Crazy? I'd be happy for consistent...

    The bogus "second half" of the last season was a huge, convoluted mess with a big letdown (copout?) of a resolution. I think the Moff made it all too complicated and twisty and had trouble coming up with a satisfying resolution.

    Old monsters eh...Meglos? (Don't laugh, it almost was...and we did get a Nimon last fall...)

  12. Michael Tansley

    Any chance that this series might actually have a plot or two involved?

    Most of it seems to be a lot of pointless running around and speech that you can hardly understand.

  13. Slightly_Odd_Child

    Am I the only one.....

    who doesn't like Matt Smith as the Doctor?.....*Cue Sh*tstorm*

    1. James Micallef Silver badge

      Re: Am I the only one.....

      My wife hates him (as The Doctor, not personally!)

      I simply think his forehead is waaaay too big, but maybe that's to accommodate the necessary time-lord brain-power

    2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Am I the only one.....

      I assume employing an animated fringe strategically positioned ontop of a frantic running-around lunatic was cheaper than employing an actor like Ecclestone or Tennant.

    3. Armando 123

      Re: Am I the only one.....

      The only (modern) doctor I liked was Christopher Eccleston. Mainly because he didn't care about others' morality. DT was good in the role, I just didn't care for that particular role.

  14. This post has been deleted by its author

  15. teapot9999

    Last series was awful

    Bring back David Tennant, the old writers and production team and stop making into a kids programme.

    1. Stuart Castle Silver badge

      Re: Last series was awful

      Er, it was originally a kids programme. It did get a little violent in the 80s, but that's because John Nathan-Turner wanted it that way and probably gave the BBC a reason to think about axing it.

      1. GettinSadda

        Re: Re: Last series was awful

        Um - surely it was always a family programme.

        Family != Children

  16. Gordon 8


    Now that's a good idea...

    Have to say that sets in new series are better (don't look like they are made from cardboard), but some of the stories are very poor. And fixing the chameleon circuit, what were they thinking....

    Have been some classics since the restart though (The Library double episode for one)

    Can we have a Dalek logo (probably not I guess due to Marketing and such....)

  17. 0765794e08

    Matt has no gloss

    Sorry but I just can’t get excited about this.

    Matt Smith makes a poor Doctor. He’s too small. He’s too lanky. He’s too young. He doesn’t have screen presence. His voice is weedy and expressionless. He comes across as a gawky teenager literally playing “Doctor Who”.

    All this might be forgiven if the storylines were any good, but since Tennant’s departure the stories have been ridiculous, and, frankly, all over the place.

    Doctor Who needs a radical revamp in time for the 50th Anniversary. The Doctor and his two current companions need replacing post haste, so that some life can be breathed back into the brand.

    Matt Smith should step aside and make way for someone he could do justice to the role: Paul Shane. With Sue Pollard and Orm & Cheap as the companions.

  18. Fishy

    More Pond

    I thought Amy Pond wasn't going to be in it anymore. I was going to quit watching on account of it being rubbish but I might have to continue now.

  19. Dave Bell

    Mixed Feelings

    The thing is, Moffat finished the "how did the Doctor die" story arc with the Doctor having to avoid attracting attention. And I want to see how he handles that, because if he can manage a season which doesn't need the end of Earth, the end of the Universe, or the end of Time, as a climax, the show can be sustained for a long time. I have mixed feelings about some of his writing, but at his best you see marvels.

    Just don't blink.

    1. James Micallef Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Mixed Feelings

      "the Doctor having to avoid attracting attention"

      Not really necessary, since he's a time traveller. Even if I "know" that the Doctor died and I see him walking around, I can legitimately think that I'm seeing the Doctor before he "died", at a time further in the future.

      In general I love the series, I just wish that (a) they stop it with the high-speed complex explanations that are un-understandable gibberish (b) stop the over-use of the sonic screwdriver. It's become too much of a cop-out, how about some more inventiveness to get out of tricky situations? It's basically cheating (c) not over-use long and convoluted story-arcs and do a few more stand-alone episodes (Blink - Best episode ever)

      1. illiad

        Re: Re: Mixed Feelings

        well, the doctor didn't actually die... the guy you see walking round may or may not be him! :)

        Now go and re-watch that episode, and you will understand... :) :)

        If you are too slow for the 'high-speed complex explanations' , then you need to work a lot harder at being a Whovian.. you have got a recording device????

        Long and convoluted story-arcs are what makes the series very watchable, and re-watchable.. if you cannot handle it, try the children's spin off, Sarah Jane adventures...

    2. NogginTheNog

      Re: Mixed Feelings

      Actually he finied the "how did the Doctor die" story arc by him, er, pretending to and The Laws Of Time wouldn't notice! Bloody big crappy cop-out pile-of that was :-\

  20. earl grey Silver badge

    New villains and monsters

    Are there that many unemployed PMs out there?

    1. Derek Currie

      Re: New villains and monsters

      Skip the PMs. Go to the source: Psychopathic Corporate Oligarchs, such as Dark Overlord Rupert Murdoch. Can't you see him as yet another wizened and botched reincarnation of The Master, snarling and waving a cane at the Doctor, threatening to cast the TARDIS into oblivion? There's evil for you!

  21. Hooksie

    It's all relative (natch!)

    I think it's down to opinion on the whole Matt Smith vs David Tennant stuff and even down to the direction of the show. I personally felt that David Tennant's Doctor was a bit too 'human' and emotional and that the story lines were sheer pantomime. Daleks in New York was a particularly bad example but the Ood and the Doctor Donna pish was even worse, not to mention the clearly plastic spider on Donna's back in Turn Left.

    I really like Matt Smith though, he seems to have this ability to look either 25 or 70 depending on how he screws up his face and I like his childish view on the world because that's what the Doctor is, a big kid. And I also really like Steven Moffat's writing but I accept it's not for everyone because it's complicated. I'm not being condescending here, some people (gimps like me) are quite happy to watch the episodes 2 and 3 times and buy the box sets on Blu Ray so stories that make more sense the second time round are great. But if you just want to switch on, watch and switch off then I suppose it can be a bit frustrating.

    Really looking forward to the new series. If Steven Moffat can make a watchable Christmas Special then I'm sure he can nail another series before his head gets too big and he needs to be replaced.

    P.s. when Matt does leave can we PLEASE have Benedict Cumberbatch??? Pretty please?? With sugar on??

    1. Dan Melluish

      Re: It's all relative (natch!)

      I believe Benedict Cumberbatch was interested in the role of the 11th Doctor, but ultimately decided against it. He's a fan of the show and would like to appear in an episode though!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    >180km from London

    I have to agree with the comments about how

    Probability of location <= 180 km from London, given time of story <= 10 years from now := .99

    And look at the highly hyped "Doctor goes to the US" - did they send him someplace really interesting, like Yellowstone? Or the Grand Canyon? Or if the National Parks Service isn't cooperating, maybe Palo Duro canyon? You mean to tell me that with a friggin TARDIS the Doctor's never gone sight-seeing?

    One or two almost throw-away shots (e.g. Hoover Dam), and that's it.

    1. BorkedAgain

      Re: >180km from London

      The US scenes looked like they'd been shot in GTA: San Andreas, I thought...

  23. Cliff

    Cumberbatch would be good, actually.

    Of course, he'll never do it, he's rising too fast right now, and frankly Smith is doing a decent enough job to my mind.

    What will be interesting though is if Mark Gaitiss is writing more episodes - he's *good*

  24. h3

    My favourite ones are the ones that take place far from earth.

    (Think ones like Genesis of the Dalek's are best).

    Don't like Amy Pond or Rorrie or River Song.

    Quite liked the doctor's daughter though and the character of the tardis.

    I think it is better to do long proper stories in 4 parts or whatever (45*4 is long enough for a decent story on an alien world).

    For decent movie sci fi you need at least 2hrs so I don't get how 14 "blockbuster-movie episodes" can happen.

    The thing I would be most interested in would be the timewar. (Timelords vs Dalek's).

    Dunno whether it was the 8th or 9th doctor who was around then or not.

    I liked the Christopher Eccleston series better than any of the other new ones. (Get the impression they spent more money on it - but I am not that bothered about fancy effects - mainly bothered about quality of dialog and alien worlds).

    1. flying_walrus

      Genesis of the daleks was the start of the time war.

      mr baker was sent back in time to destroy the daleks' grandmother before they were born, but in the end had an ethical problem with the mission and didn't.

  25. Andrew Jones 2
    Thumb Up

    Just another vote for Cumberbatch !

  26. The Grump

    Guest starring Madonna...

    who gets devoured by the Fendal.

  27. vincent himpe

    I hope there's an episode where they run into Red Dwarf

    Kryten can call the cybermen a bunch of Smeeeeee Heeeeeeee. 's. and Cat can have a go at the chewy bits inside the daleks while mocking their poor dressing skills. As for lister and rimmer... business as usual...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I hope there's an episode where they run into Red Dwarf

      Grant-Naylor would at least be able to write more inventive episodes than the current crop of writers.

      1. Hooksie

        Re: I hope there's an episode where they run into Red Dwarf

        Dude, I would LOVE it if those two could sit in the same room and write something together. Like a new series of Red Dwarf that didn't suck balls. Since season 6 it's been mince.

        But, seriously, the writers of Doctor Who have done some pretty inventive episodes. People need to remember that we're not supposed to be the target audience, kids are!! Go write an adult Doctor Who show and get that aired, I'd watch!

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Female doctor?

    Oscar-winner Helen Mirren recently said that she wants to star in Doctor Who, but not as a companion or a guest star. She wants to be the Doctor.

    “I would like to play the new female Doctor Who. I don’t want to just be his sidekick,” she tells the UK’s Daily Mirror.

    1. Derek Currie

      Re: Female doctor?

      And why not! Then Doctor Helen Who could go back in time and wed himself, both mothering and fathering Susan, completing the cycle in divine style back at the beginning. I get writing credit!

      Speaking of Susan: Since when is she dead in the series? Why is the Doctor always going on about being 'the last Timelord' when Susan was last seen living back on Earth, nowhere near Gallifrey or the Time War? Attention writers: The Doctor Susan Adventures! The new spinoff series for kids to replace the sadly demised 'Sarah Jane Adventures'. I get writing credit!

      Then Susan can go back in time and secretly watch her parent(s) getting married, leaving a very special wedding present at their doorstep: An old Mark I, Type 40 TARDIS. How's that for a plot cycle in a cycle? I get writing credit! ;-Derek

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just let it die

    "...big, blockbuster-movie episodes..."

    Yep. I'm sure even more CGI, explosions and shoutyness will more than adequately compensate for the five-second attention span plots and cast who make the inhabitants of Hollyoaks look gnarled and gritty.

    Any fule kno that the last real Dr. Who was Tom Baker. Every incarnation since then has just been embarrassing. Ecclestone might have pulled it off, if he'd stayed in the role for longer than five minutes and not set the current precedent for luvvies doing a season or two of Dr. Who as a quick bit of panto, before moving onto the next 'real' job.

    Won't somebody think of the children, hiding behind the sofa!

    1. Tom 13

      Re: Just let it die

      Baker is still my favorite Dr, but I'd never go so far as to say EVERY incarnation since then has been embarrassing.

  30. T J


    Does it HAVE to be blockbusters all the way? Can it not just be spooky, broody, cleverly written mystery-fiction the way it used to be in the Good Days? I fear we are to be subject to more Orchestras, farting aliens, gay sharks and other bollocks. Sorry just BITTER, was so disappointed by most of the reboot, though it had some highlights along the way. It needs the highlights to become the norm. I do like Matt Smith, he's up there with Chris Ecclestone, who was up there with Tom Baker (I hear there were interlopers attempting to fill in between those real doctors but we'll ignore them).

  31. Nights_are_Long

    David Tennant was the best doctor of all time if you ask me, Smith is well just awful a pathetic attempt at a doctor, I can't even watch a episode with him in it because quite frankly I bleed from my anus when I try.

    1. Dcope

      then your watching it wrong..

      maybe a Doctor could help..?? /coat -->door

    2. TRT Silver badge

      That'll be...

      because Captain Jack's visiting.

  32. Jacqui

    Nuwho is Cbeebee's

    Wadda wanna be when i grow up - Cousin Justine! :-)

    Now if someone made a TV production of Faction Paradox.

    A female lead role and the "goodies" are almost as amoral (inhuman) as the baddies.

    The reason they will not make this into a TV show is that it maps too well with renegades against the status quo. Far to many *real* renegades to allow it on TV. Just give then reality, game shows and CBBC style who pap to keep em distracted.

  33. Super Fast Jellyfish

    Return to Peladon

    One of my favourite Pertwee stories

    Or more overlapping different regenerations - perhaps with Sean playing the part of the third Dr?

    Upvote for return of his clone daughter.

    And definitely more family friendly - just watched "Talons" on Windows Media Center, didn't realise they had a few different episodes on there - including Adrozani for those wanting a Peri fix...

    1. TRT Silver badge

      Re: Return to Peladon

      I'd love to see another visit to Peladon. I've been thinking of storylines for it.

      Perhaps The Doctor could be tasked by the Earth's High Commission to return to Peladon for some diplomatic reason. Call it "The Peladon Brief"

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