back to article Big data elephant mates with RainStor

RainStor, the deduping database supplier, is bringing its analytics engine and enterprise database to Hadoop, rather than bringing Hadoop data to its engine. Hadoop is becoming a standard for storing big data but most business intelligence analytics software – such as that pushed out by GreenPlum, Netezza and Teradata – does …


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  1. SJG

    Disappointing Article

    Thus whole area is moving very quickly at the moment, but this article looks more like a repeat of a vendor's marketing rather than journalism. The price of putting 2Pb of relatively repetitive data into any of the extreme database appliances (e.g. Oracle, Netezza, Teradata) is much closer to the $5m than you might think.

    In terms of offering both mapReduce and SQL, most of the vendors offer some level of this - try searching on "MapReduce" and the vendor of your choice. Netezza offers MapReduce, Tearadata's Aster product offers SQL-MR and Oracle offers the MapReduce paradigm in it's PL/SQL language.

    There's enough hype around "BigData" and "NoSQL" without the usually reliable Reg adding to the bandwagon.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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