back to article Damn it, where’s our NBN scandal?

In a simmering scandal that’s showing every sign of completely failing to fester as a good scandal should, it has emerged that NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley’s legal bills associated with the “Alcatel affair” amounted to almost nothing. And so another Senate estimates hearing passed last night, the only real news being that it …


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  1. Robert Heffernan

    Typical Politicians

    So, what your saying is that the Coalition are looking for any little thing they can use to bitch and moan about the NBN, even though there is really nothing they can run to the media whinging and crying about.

    Sounds about right.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I thought this might be important but it's just about bleedin' Australia!

    1. Exit Stage Right

      Re: Strewth!

      And your point is...?

      The Register has a strong Oz contingent, largely to all us IT Poms who happen to have abandoned "Good Ol' Blighty" to the land Down-Under. And we want our NBN as Broadband out here is expensive so we might as well have a fast connection for the privilege.

    2. LaeMing Silver badge

      @AC Serewth!

      You colonised the place. You live with it in your news!

  3. borkbork
    Thumb Up

    must be coming soon

    Telstra have started posting leaflets saying they've rolled out bigpond cable to my area now. Obviously trying the same dirty tactics they used against the old optus cable rollout. Thanks, but I think I'll wait for the fibre.

    Also, the main concern I'd heard about the NTUs was the physical size of the units. Personally, I'd let them install something as big as a fridge if it meant I could go from a flaky 3.5/0.7Mb/s to a solid 100/25.

    1. Tim Bates

      Re: must be coming soon

      I'm already using a box bigger than a fridge to house my comms gear, so why not add another :P

      I agree completely though - and I suspect 90% of prospective NBN customers would also agree. Box size is a non-issue when it comes to getting faster outbound than bloody Telstra offer!

    2. austcc

      Re: must be coming soon

      What size would you offer for the actual NBN speed of 100/40? Much better than the 100/2 (not a typo) of Bigpond cable,eh?

    3. Cpt Blue Bear

      Re: must be coming soon

      Took a Telstra sales call yesterday at work (masquerading as customer service) from some muppet trying to sell us their new "digital" service. This sounds like an ADSL2+ and VOIP to me although said muppet swore blind it wasn't VOIP. The interesting part was that part of the $125 a month package is a router with an NBN "port". He's probably have got a sale now that Internode have been taken over by IINet, but he couldn't tell me what that last thing is...

  4. Rex di Bona

    Cable? Wireless here

    35Km from the centre of Sydney and we are destined to be wireless according to the NBN plans.

    Broadband? National? Ha! More likely a re-duplication of the HF co-ax that Telstra and Optus rolled out. How about decent broadband for the rest of us?

  5. Matto in AUS

    "any journalist giving it a serious play will be inviting the finger of scorn and a face-full of egg."

    Whenever I hear a phrase like that, I think ZDNet. Good to see they haven't let me down. It's a SHOWDOWN! Just like the Wild, Wild West.


    Matto :)

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